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  1. lol OF COURSE I chose this afternoon to change my address in OMSAS and now I can’t see my offers or application for 1-3 business days while they process the change I’ve played myself. Now I have to sleep/wait until morning knowing I could’ve seen my result now..
  2. Just changed my iphone's email notification settings so that when I receive an email from oasportal it will pop up on my home screen but won't show the email's subject line or preview. Hoping this will give me a small sense of control over when/where I find out while still allowing me to check my phone obsessively. Will definitely be excusing myself from work to "go to the bathroom" when I see the message lol really would rather open it/find out in private
  3. Yeah I was just as confused at first as the process isn’t discussed at all on their website haha. Best of luck to you too
  4. Thanks for letting me know! I wasn’t sure if this was a regular practice of UBC as it isn’t outlined on their website at all yet my email clearly stated I was being solely considered for NMP. This makes sense for me because I grew up rural and lived in the Arctic for a while, yet I have a complete lack of research experience and only a 510 on the MCAT, so I might’ve been below regular cutoffs. This is just speculation though of course. Best of luck to everyone :)
  5. My interview was part of the regular track and I was able to choose any interview slot despite being told I was exclusively being considered for the NMP :)
  6. Prior to my interview I was informed I was exclusively being considered for NMP due to my high score in the rural suitability section. Wondering if anyone else is in the same boat
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