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  1. Hi all, Solely based on my GPA (MCAT isnt a problem) , which is a better route for Canadian medical schools? 1 3.08 2 2.96 3 3.64 4 3.93 (I turned my life around) I probably would land a better GPA during my 5th year. BUT, I just had a discussion with my PI and she thinks its better for me to do a research based graduate degree (she said I'll probs get 2 first author pubs) rather than do an extra year for Western and Queens (2YR GPA) only. She says at least for UofT/Queens, they pool the graduates based on their graduate work, but doesn't my undergraduate GPA also play a huge factor in addition to my graduate work? However, in my opinion I think this is my best choice -> 5th year for Western and Queens 2yr GPA and APPLY DURING 5TH YEAR (conditional offer for Western and a less competitive GPA for queens) There are so many other scenarios e.g. dont get in 5th year and apply during a gap year for a higher 2YR GPA; dont get in 5th year and do a masters; no fifth year and do a masters... The list goes on but I just want some opinions/advice. Thanks!
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