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  1. swoman

    Subletting during clerkship

    You will be gone for a max stretch of 8 weeks (at least according to the c2021 schedule). Unless you've a core rotation at a rural site, you will likely be commuting from Hamilton for most of clerkship I havent heard of anyone subletting during clerkship
  2. Cardiology is an internal medicine subspecialty so I would argue that what happens and where you do your Internal Medicine residency matters more than where you went to medical school. In terms of matching Internal Medicine, WRC and Mac in general does very well. This past year, 1 person at WRC did not match to pediatrics and matched to FM in the 2nd round. Everyone else matched in the first round
  3. swoman

    McMaster campuses

    Campus assignments are binding, you signed a contract to that effect at some point so no, there will be no switches or transfers
  4. swoman

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Welcome to the profession, see you in August
  5. Their GPA (and transparency about it) is the limiting factor, which did not change. So I don't agree with your logic here of increasing # of applicants.
  6. swoman

    Speciality Choices

    Radiology Ophthalmology Anesthesia Dermatology (ROAD) Family medicine GI Interventional cardiology
  7. Its a 1000$ deposit - just be patient lol they want your money dont worry
  8. Nah but Ive been on Premed101 for a long time - just not those accounts; congratulations lads
  9. swoman

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Don't worry lol it's real - the formal email will come within a day or whatever. They just don't know if you've been accepted elsewhere until OMSAS updates but they want to process you as soon as possible so they just send you an email. They know you've been waiting at your inbox for the past 2 weeks lol.
  10. swoman

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Did everyone get an informal email from Wendy asking if you've accepted elsewhere when they pulled you off waitlist? That's how it went down last year.
  11. swoman

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    That is so cool - I was one of these OPs - best of luck @RPN-RN-MD
  12. swoman

    McMaster or Western?

    I would say Hamilton over London. London busses are much worse. I can't imagine getting from the North end to Victoria by bussing - fuck that There are students that have made it through in Hamilton sans car