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  1. It will only be a benefit and will not be held against you at all. If a school did reject you for something like that, its not a school you would want to go to. Mac is a very supportive school. Congrats and good luck
  2. Were they Canadians studying abroad or born-and-raised Americans/Brits
  3. Having a first author paper in Nature/Lancet/NEJM/etc. is IMPOSSIBLE as an undergraduate - most of those papers have 20 authors minimum and span multiple centres. I challenge anyone to find me a top impact journal article with an undergrad first author just for the fun of it
  4. 0 - it has no weight at all in admissions. I would do some shadowing for your own interest and just so you've a semi-vague idea of what the practice of medicine is like. Omg sorry I had no idea this was in dentistry my bad - disregard what I said
  5. Thanks y'all I'll send a follow-up in the new year, maybe after their CaRMS cycle
  6. What is the word on street regarding writing a thank-you card or getting a token of appreciation (eg Timbits) for your preceptor and/or team on electives?
  7. I'm a medical student who has reached their 8 week cap in terms of elective planning. There is one school that I would've liked to go to but elective plans fell through. I want to do an elective there in a related specialty in August and meet with the PD, take call with the residents in evenings/weekends. I previously emailed the Program Coordinator to ask if this was possible but I didn't receive any response. I don't want to email her again in case this came back to my school as "unprofessional" (is it unprofessional to ask?). The game has never been so different with these caps...
  8. I love how 99% of Ontario doesn't consider NOSM an Ontario med school cause they couldn't apply there so it wasn't even like an option
  9. Yea Saudis are a whole different ball game. They are paid by their own scholarships and sponsors and the program actually makes good coin from training them (in addition to FREE LABOUR). IMG spots on CaRMS are the exact same spots at could be going to CMGs. So when CMGs are going unmatched, it's puzzling why spots are open to IMGs.
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