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  1. I'm a medical student who has reached their 8 week cap in terms of elective planning. There is one school that I would've liked to go to but elective plans fell through. I want to do an elective there in a related specialty in August and meet with the PD, take call with the residents in evenings/weekends. I previously emailed the Program Coordinator to ask if this was possible but I didn't receive any response. I don't want to email her again in case this came back to my school as "unprofessional" (is it unprofessional to ask?). The game has never been so different with these caps...
  2. I love how 99% of Ontario doesn't consider NOSM an Ontario med school cause they couldn't apply there so it wasn't even like an option
  3. Yea Saudis are a whole different ball game. They are paid by their own scholarships and sponsors and the program actually makes good coin from training them (in addition to FREE LABOUR). IMG spots on CaRMS are the exact same spots at could be going to CMGs. So when CMGs are going unmatched, it's puzzling why spots are open to IMGs.
  4. What if it is points divided by number of essays?
  5. Don't completely stop all ECs but you don't need as many as in premed
  6. The issue isn't with the pure number overall - you need to look at the ratio of applicants to spots for each specialty. Many people would love to do derm, plastics, ophtho but there aren't enough spots for everyone. On the other hand, nobody is applying to MedMicro or Path.
  7. 3.87 avg GPA 129 avg CARS. If you ace the CASPer you prob still wont balance the rest
  8. Why would you do that instead of a 4 week? You would just be applying twice and spending twice the app fees
  9. https://mediarelations.uwo.ca/2019/08/26/changes-to-medical-school-admission-process-puts-more-focus-on-experiences-and-values/?fbclid=IwAR18m424SFKcYvluMKOkJXHEfs9hC_HkcTAjtSOVEoezJc7xI1NUvCKlVtE
  10. Post this on the c2022 group and the 2021s and upper years can help you out
  11. I believe they ask you if you have been offered admission to medical school on any medical school application (I know this is for sure true in the US). If you have been offered admission and are reapplying that is a HUGE red flag. Plus at some point (maybe not in med school but for sure for CaRMS), someone is going to Google his name and his mugshot and the article is the only thing that will pop up since it is so unique.
  12. I did not know Sean Evans worked for the police
  13. General Surgery: Appendectomy, Lap Chole Plastics: Burns, Skin cancer ENT: Tubes, Tonsils, Thyroid Ophtho: Cataracts The thing is, being in medical school gives you exposure mainly to academic medicine which is super subspecialized and specific. Instead of being a general sugeon you will be a Hepato-pancreato-biliary surgeon specializing in whipples. Instead of being a ENT you will be a head and neck surgical oncologist etc. Each staff's lifes is notgood representation of bread and butter since they are at the top of their field of a specific thing
  14. Did you not see the top 100 OHIP billers list? #100 was still 1.5million (I know billing isnt take-home but still). Half were Rads+Ophtho and top 10 had a neurosurgeon too. #1 was Ophtho
  15. What is this summer you speak of?
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