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  1. Was the midnight release an error or a consequence of the new OMSAS interface?
  2. My friend with a MD PhD acceptance this cycle has the button - Ive no idea if it has any significance for us waiting for May12
  3. Neurotic premeds stuck all day in quarantine - absolutely
  4. No - I will eat my shoe if it is something outside of CARS GPA CASPer
  5. Unlikely, that makes no sense at all why it would only leak for some and not all and why just Mac alone
  6. Okay lets just call it a glitch and wait and see lmao
  7. If Mac dropped their selection formula rn, this thread will explode
  8. Okay all these people with amazing stats and no button is making me rethink button = mac offer rn
  9. People that did not apply to mac does not have the button - the assumption is only Mac has updated OMSAS. That just means they didnt get into Mac but other schools have not updated OMSAS
  10. Just the be absolutelyfuckingclear THE button is the Reset Responses button inferior to the red box
  11. If you did NOT interview at Mac and have the Reset Responses button, please come forward
  12. @mba273 It already happened just as I typed this comment LOL
  13. Everybody contact their MD PhD accepted, international accepted, and first year med school friends to check their OMSAS page
  14. Maybe its people misintepreting the Review and Submit Changes/Responses button as THE button when we are referring to Reset Responses button - it happened in this thread and gave me angina
  15. I wouldnt put that much weight onto it - just wait till May 12!
  16. I wouldnt put too much value as to whether youve the button or not - Im still just as cautiously optimistic but preparing for the worst even though I have the button and if you dont have the button, I wouldnt stress too much and just wait 4 more days - hopefully OMSAS updates at midnight
  17. Reset Responses button = Offer - Change my mind - MD/PhD accepted applicants has the button - Clicking the button says "All offer responses reset." - As of now, it seems like only Mac has updated OMSAS with their list of offers as All those with buttons interviewed at Mac & All those that did not have the button did not interview at Mac Someone explain the files closed theory
  18. As an aside, if someone wants some delicious memes, go to r/MCAT and the AAMC MCAT twitter replies
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