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  1. Do we have to declare a change of program through beartracks after admission? And to confirm, the faculty will auto-register first year students for the upcoming school year? do we do nada at this point and just wait for Anjela's email for class registration?
  2. Paid my deposit last Friday. How long did you guys wait until the email confirmation?
  3. For those who accepted their offer and have paid the deposit through online banking, did you guys get a notification or confirmation at all that your payment went through?
  4. Yes! It's a PDF letter attached with Anjela's initial email of your admission offer!
  5. My GPA isn't as high as everyone else here, but I do believe my LOI was strong (club leadership and other hobbies, and lots of pharmacy volunteer experience) and my interview was okay. Both my cGPA and pGPA were around 3.55 only. Took a full course load on those two years but my highest year was 33 credits (last year) with an end GPA of 3.6ish
  6. For anyone still waiting, don't lose hope! I just got my acceptance letter today. I'm an IP student from MacEwan, and I just finished my second year. If anyone's wondering my response date is July 18! So excited to meet you guys!
  7. Is this the last round of admissions? and for those who got accepted recently, when is your response date??
  8. Hey I'm not sure if this forum is still active, but I'm taking MICRB at Athabasca as well. How did you manage the online course? And did you dorm there as well considering it's long distance? @student-123
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