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  1. This is for UBC PT right? Do you have a rough idea of when it usually starts moving? I only know of one person on this forum that got off the waitlist but that was at the end of April which was earlier than usual. The people I know in real life who are on the UBC PT waitlist have not gotten off yet. I'm also on the waitlist and I'm stuck in this limbo where I have to start preparing myself to move to Toronto for PT school but not quite sure yet just in case I get off the UBC PT waitlist.
  2. I was gonna make a photocopy of the form and include that in the envelope that I'm gonna mail my cheque in to be safe. Just to be making sure, does the deposit have to arrive to Student Accounts by May 31 (or 3 weeks after May 17 like the form said)? Or is that only the deadline for accepting the offer on ORPAS?
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