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  1. Hello everyone !! I just finished up my junior year of undergrad and am looking to apply this upcoming cycle/summer to U.S schools! My GPA of my 2 best years is a 3.89 and my cGPA (used for US probably) is a 3.81. My November Canadian DAT test scores were 21AA, 23GC, 18 BIO, 18 PAT and 21 RC. I was planning on applying to NYU, BostonU, Tufts, Casewestern, U Buffalo, Rutgers and Pittsburgh. If anyone has any other recommendations for Canadian-friendly US schools, I would love to know!Also if anyone could give me their opinions on my DAT scores and whether you think they are okay enough to apply this cycle if I were to apply around mid June? Or would writing the American DAT in mid July and applying after that be a better option? I will probably write my Canadian DAT again this November, but I wanted to get an idea on the American side of things and how my scores look. I'm aware of the difference in tuition between countries, and I would preferably like to be in Canada, but I still want to give it my ALL towards my US applications as well. Thanks and hope to hear from you guys soon
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