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  1. I havent gotten back anything from MedP McGill. I was accepted into Med so I guess they took off my name off the waiting list. Best of luck to you all.
  2. Collégien. 43 on the Waiting list at UdeM
  3. I feel u bro. R score of 38.1 and I got waitlisted to UdeM. At least I got into McGill, so I could care less. I wish u good luck at Uni either way. Don't give up, who knows what might happen!
  4. J'ai refuse leur offre en Pharma UdeM, j'espere que cela va vous aider. Perdez pas espoir!
  5. 7 je pense. Qqun du CEGEP a recu un refus ou mis sur la liste d'attente? Seulement 2 personne que je connais on eu une lettre d admission, mais aucune comme aucune reponse de UdeM dent pour la grande majorite. Aucun signe de vie...Faites moi part de vos experiences, Merci!.
  6. I applied to both UdeM & McGill in DENT. I am 4th on the waiting list at McGill, which is quite decent, but I haven't heard back from UdeM where as other friends of mine who are way lower in Waiting list already got their acceptance letter. The wait is killing me. ahhh
  7. Congrats! I am really concerned since some friends of mine have gotten an answer from UdeM DENT and I am genuily happy for them, but I havent heard anything back from DENT. I wonder how many CEGEP applicants have received an acceptance.
  8. Thanks, Great to know. A bit worried tbh, haven't received any answers from DENT yet, and it is kinda odd cuz I feel like a lot of competent students are stuck in the same situation.
  9. I just had a question. Among those who have received an acceptance letter from DENT UdeM, did u have to do an additional interview for the faculty of Dentistry? Did u have to do a separate interview from the one asked by the faculty of Medicine from UdeM?
  10. Several friends of mine either from Dawson or Vanier got an official email from DENT UdeM. I haven't received any emails nor deposits from DENT, but on the other hand, I was sent an additional email congratulating me for getting into Pharma, which is really odd. I just don't get why I haven't received an email yet.
  11. So I didn’t get any emails from UdeM Dent, but I did get another email from Pharma. So is it over for me? R score is pretty descent about 38 and my casper went well. I was just wondering if I should just give up or wait for “other waves”.
  12. Wait y a du monde du CEGEP qui ont recu leur acceptation DENT?!! Moi g 38.1.... et toujours rien de la part de UdeM en ce qui concerne les depots, ou lettre de la part de DENT. Par contre, j ai deja confirmation de la part de PHARMA. J'imagine que l'on attend.
  13. Tu devrais le recevoir par e-mail. Regarde ton e-mail personnel.
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