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  1. Did anyone reach out to ask if the interview weight will change?
  2. I think this thread is more so to support those who interviewed rather than release confidential interview info. Obviously that would give an unfair advantage to future interviewers. Don't worry LonelyTraveller, I'm sure you'll do great! Trust yourself
  3. Just curious, did anyone else practice panel or did ya'll just wing it like me?
  4. I also think it could be worth less since it's now shorter and doesn't have the typical strengths of an MMI. Hopefully they'll let us know soon but doubt it since we don't even know what the interview is worth now.
  5. I was wondering if anyone can shed light on how much the extra points from masters (2 points) or PhD (4 points) actually do for your application? I know grad degree is beneficial in other ways (reference letter, pubs, GPA, etc), but did anyone find they were successful immediately after getting those extra graduate completion points?
  6. Hi there, I agree with most things ChikChikChickens mentioned with the exception of the graduate degree. I did my masters (2 years thesis-based program), only took 2 courses (3.9 GPA from those 2 graduate courses alone) and saw that my low cGPA (~3.5) somehow jumped up to 3.7. It says in the UCAN manual that your graduate GPA actually accounts for an entire years weight. However, doing open studies or after degree requires a lot more work since those courses would only be factored in by weight per class (if this doesn't make sense, feel free to message me). But of course, I didn't go into a masters for a GPA boost, I went in for the research and to gain a stepping stone in my career. However, my grad degree came with many benefits for my med application (GPA jump, reference letters, publications, financial support through stipend and awards). Talk to the admissions counsellor but a masters or PhD can actually give you a significant boost for your GPA. Though I'd advise you to not only go into a graduate degree for the GPA boost. And also, you should be very proud of everything you have accomplished for yourself and your son You'd be a fantastic doctor!
  7. Hello all successful previous applicants, I was just wondering: 1) How many times did you apply to med school before you got in? 2) What was your GPA and application highlights? and finally, any words of encouragement for us current med hopefuls?
  8. Just curious.. did anyone that didnt have 3.8 - 4.0 get an interview? Not seeing too many of those compared to previous years but could still just be early in the thread
  9. As someone that has taken and completed grad studies, I'd recommend you do something to advance your career. If you are purely doing open studies to improve your GPA for med, you may find it was a stagnant option. With grad studies, this will benefit your application in many areas. Your application will be looked upon more favourably, you will have publications, research experience, reference letters, an opportunity to improve your GPA (UC adds on your graduate GPA as an additional year which is a much easier / faster way to boost your GPA compared to open studies). However, I'd recommend you do something that you're actually passionate about, even if its not directly related to med. Get an industry job and make some money / gain experience. Many applicants that have actually worked and come back to med have been very competitive applicants, despite their lower GPAs. Just my two cents
  10. Hi, As a grad student that applied to UofC last year, they do actually add your graduate GPA as a full year which is often a major advantage. They also favour your application more as a graduate student. I emailed them about what happens if I don't end up graduating by the time med school starts and they said they will likely resend my offer. Since UofC does value transparency and honesty, it might be best to simply email them about your mistake. On the other hand if you actually get in, another option is to talk to your supervisor and see if you can leave your degree early to attend med school. However, do so respectfully since UofC often advises students to avoid leaving their grad degree for med (mentioned in the applicant manual). If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Best of luck!
  11. Hi all, I'm going over my top 10s and just interested in the style that you wrote yours. I understand the UCAN manual emphasizes candidates to write about what they learned with each experience, how they grew as a person, etc. However, I've heard from successful candidates that they more so quantified their activities, described what they did, and the outcomes of their efforts (e.g., I helped x people by committing y hours and z was the result). Though there are also many successful candidates that did the former. Any input would be great.
  12. Yes, say if you're in a masters of PhD program and you complete that program before June 15th, you get moved up on the waitlist (according to UofA admissions team).
  13. Heard from a medical student that offers will be out May 16th.. guess we'll see!
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