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  1. Hi all, I'm going over my top 10s and just interested in the style that you wrote yours. I understand the UCAN manual emphasizes candidates to write about what they learned with each experience, how they grew as a person, etc. However, I've heard from successful candidates that they more so quantified their activities, described what they did, and the outcomes of their efforts (e.g., I helped x people by committing y hours and z was the result). Though there are also many successful candidates that did the former. Any input would be great.
  2. Yes, say if you're in a masters of PhD program and you complete that program before June 15th, you get moved up on the waitlist (according to UofA admissions team).
  3. This is my second time getting rejected from UofA - not even waitlisted. Can someone please shed some light on how many times they applied before getting in? Just needed a little perspective to pick myself back up. Congrats to everyone that got in !
  4. Heard from a medical student that offers will be out May 16th.. guess we'll see!
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