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  1. Thanks! I’ll keep grinding away. I think the program I’m currently in is one of those “we reserve the right to issue A/A+ so the most you can get is an A-“ in which case I will need to potentially switch to another program.
  2. That’s also true, but I think both those schools are out of my reach until they decide they’ll take the last 60 credits/2 years. Should I then be focusing on the MCAT this summer?
  3. Would either of you recommend doing summer classes? I can only take a maximum of 4 this summer. Will that benefit me at all?
  4. Hello, Like many on this forum, Medicine has been a dream for me for a while now, although not a passion until very recently. I went to the U of A in 2008 straight out of high school and graduated from engineering in 2015, with a Dean's vacation in 2012/2013. Here are my stats: Fall 2008: GPA of 1.9 on 20.1 units of coursework Winter 2009: GPA of 2.0 on 19.6 units of coursework Spring 2009: GPA of 1.7 on 4.3 units of coursework Fall 2009: GPA of 2.9 on 20.1 units of coursework Winter 2010: GPA of 2.6 on 21.9 units of coursework Spring 2010: GPA of 4.0 on 3 units of coursework Summer 2010: GPA of 3.2 on 6 units of coursework Fall 2010: GPA of 2.0 on 25.6 units of coursework Winter 2011: GPA of 2.3 on 9.8 units of coursework Fall 2011: GPA of 2.6 on 19.3 units of coursework Winter 2012: GPA of 0.6 on 19.8 units of coursework (forgot to withdraw from classes and missed final exam due to family emergency) - result was Dean's Vacation for 1 year (withdraw from studies) and probation for the following year. Fall 2013: GPA of 2.4 on 14.1 units of coursework Winter 2014: GPA of 2.7 on 22.2 units of coursework Fall 2014: GPA of 3.0 on 14.1 units of coursework. Winter 2015: GPA of 2.5 on 14.9 units of coursework. Graduate from U of A from Engineering (Bachelor's Degree). Took a few years off to work, both in engineering and in sales. Came back this year to do a Bachelor of Design After-Degree as a second degree in hopes of raising my GPA to apply and be accepted to a Canadian med school (if that possibility still exists). Fall 2018: GPA of 3.5 on 12 units of coursework. Winter 2019: GPA of 3.6 on 18 units of coursework. What should be my next steps? I will most likely quit my part-time jobs currently held in this upcoming year as these were the biggest reasons to why my 2018/2019 GPA were as low as they were. I was definitely too immature to have gone to university when I did, and am looking to rectify all that I can to get into a Canadian medical school. Thank you.
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