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  1. You don’t need a medical if you sign up at the end of medical school, and can increase your coverage without a medical thereafter for most plans. If you wait you will likely need a medical.
  2. They may just delay it until later on in your training.
  3. You can do fellowships, like ICU or toxicology.
  4. Your contract begins July 1st. They will make you work because they have to pay you.
  5. I never used my core rotation letters. I used a different mix of elective letters for each school. Dont overthink it. A good letter from an elective is better than a mediocre core letter.
  6. Enjoy your time off and don’t worry about the start. You’ll be fine in residency and everyone will be understanding that adjusting during the chaos will be difficult.
  7. I exclusively used Uworld and felt it was more than sufficient.
  8. It also isn’t good for patients to have to drive several hours to be seen in an emergency department or have to deliver their baby on the side of the road. There are many good reasons closing rural hospitals is political suicide, and it’s not because people like wasting money.
  9. This isn’t only found in rural settings, you also see this in urban. Everyone should always question what they’re taught and make efforts to stay current on their own.
  10. While there are fewer traumas that come in, there is proportionally fewer learners. You also won’t have RT or other supports, so you become quite proficient in the other tasks (draw your own ABG, monitor and change your own vent settings, resource allocation, etc.).
  11. They have your transcript. Since it’s too late to change it (?) I wouldn’t worry.
  12. This assumes that urban trained residents are being adequately prepared to work in a rural environment. I don’t think that is the case, and would be very resentful to a government that forced me to work in an environment I am neither comfortable in or trained in. I would be interested to know what the regulatory bodies had to say about the government forcing physicians to work outside of their education and “scope”... While we’re at it we might as well bring back the rotating internship year and general license, then the government could tell us what specialty we’re allowed to be each year.
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