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  1. QuestionsAbound

    Medical LOC denied

    Did you go to an advisor who often works with medical students? (I.e. an advisor in a city with a medical school)? If not, try e-mailing one who works in the city of your medical school. You may have better success.
  2. QuestionsAbound

    OMA vs RBC Disability Insurance

    Is there anything negative about the RBC disability plan compared to the OMA? They seemed quite comparable externally and the talk from the OMA at our school was not amazing. Upfront costs for the OMA seemed higher, but had the possibility of having fees returned. RBC upfront costs were less if doing a level cost for many years. It was unclear if this was an option for the OMA. I was advised to cancel the OMA insurance when I got the RBC insurance, but I'm not sure why. Unrelated: outside of each other, are there any good resources for learning more about the types of insurance and how to compare plans? I find I’m making decisions about disability with biased information presented by brokers with something to gain.
  3. QuestionsAbound

    MCCQE Part 2 Preparation

    Wrong post. Please delete.