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  1. So if you're waitlisted for LSES, are you also waitlisted for regular anglo/french stream? If not, it doesn't seem wise to apply to LSES. Thoughts?
  2. https://med.uottawa.ca/en/news/new-md-initiative-supports-students-low-socio-economic-status Hi! Can anyone give me some insight regarding what this will mean for applicants applying in the 2019-2020 cycle? Does this mean OMSAS will now have an area to upload our family income info? Or maybe an extra essay?
  3. Hey everyone! I understand that reference letters are weighed fairly heavily at uoft so I want to choose the best referees possible as well as give them some talking points to guide their writing should they need them. I'm wondering how exactly are reference letters scored? Does a reviewer go through a letter with a rubric of the CANMEDs roles side by side and score you based on how many points are covered? For example, the scholar role's key concepts description is very clinical/medical centric (ethics, patient safety, understanding of healthcare info), so if my research referee is in a totally different field (math) will his letter be scored low despite being very positive? What differentiates a good reference letter from an excellent reference letter? Thanks so much for your help!
  4. aloeplant

    Masters and UofT

    Sorry to revive an old thread. But is the 1st author publication expected to be from your actual grad degree? Can it be from undergrad? Is research productivity only evaluated based on your graduate research work? I find it hard to believe that a 2 yr wet lab MSc could pump out a 1st author paper and have it PUBLISHED before the application deadline.
  5. aloeplant

    Reference letter objectivity?

    I contacted a volunteer coordinator from highschool/early undergrad and they said yes! However, they no longer work at the volunteer place so they won't be able to provide an official letterhead but something is better than nothing! Thanks so much for your help!
  6. That's interesting. Maybe they changed it this year, because past posts going back years in this forum have all said 3 decimal points. This is good news!
  7. aloeplant

    Reference letter objectivity?

    Thanks for the reply! Most uni clubs don't have staff or faculty oversight, unfortunately. I've been contemplating the peer as a reference because other potential character referees who aren't peers don't know me that well and won't be able to write stellar letters for me presumably. For example, the volunteer coordinator for hospital volunteers was replaced by another person, so I didn't have the chance to develop long term or meaningful relationships with either as I'm only there in the summer. My employment reference and community outreach reference are both family members/close family friends so that's also a nono. I do have a strong research referee and clinical/patient care referee. It's just the character referee that I'm having troubles with
  8. Hi everyone. I've heard that letter objectivity is one of the screens when reviewing reference letters for UofT. If a letter is deemed "unobjective" it is thrown out, which I presume would make the applicant ineligible for an interview invite. Is this information correct? What makes a reference letter objective vs unobjective? For example, one of my potential letters will be from a co-president and co-founder of a student club. She is technically my peer as we are both undergrad students. Would this be an "unobjective" reference and result in my application being flagged? Thanks so much for the clarification!