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  1. RTime Stamp: 1:15 PMLocation: IPStream: EnglishwGPA: 3.92Current year: last yr UGECs: Diverse, research + ethnic group heavy. No sports, low awards. Casper: good enough for mac
  2. I'm interested in online practice, please let me know if there's space!
  3. No contact. But my references/verifiers were contacted for UBC and Alberta. What kind of things did adcom ask? For UBC it's a yes/no confirmation, while Alberta asks them fill out a form and write some things.
  4. Med students who have gotten into a Casper heavy school with low stats. Prep companies may count too, but their approach is very for formulaic and one size fits all, also $$$.
  5. You need to get feedback from a trusted and credible source. It isn't enough to just practice, as you could be practicing the wrong thing.
  6. Go for it and apply! Obviously if you personally relate to the identity it would show through your essay. From my understanding, there aren't any disadvantages to the BSAP stream.
  7. It's ok! Whatever happens happens. As long as if we put our best foot forward then everything else is out of our control. Don't compare yourself to others, it's totally possible that the evaluators see something valuable in your app that even you didn't notice!
  8. Could you guys tell us a bit about your ECs? Regardless, to reach 63 and to have such a high NAQ score is very impressive! I'm sure you'll do very well in your home province schools.
  9. 3 people posted regrets for regular deadline on Dec 11, 2018 (Tuesday), so who knows. It's totally possible that they posted late though, as their timestamps did not include date.
  10. Guys where did the idea of regrets only being sent out on Monday come from??? They got sent out on Tuesday too according to last year's thread ;(((((((((((((
  11. Hi! Could someone ELI5 what's going on with Ontario's restructuring of LHINs? Apparently they're being turned into "health care teams." Thanks!
  12. Just wanted to add that U of T will drop however many years worth of full credits. So if you took 5 full courseload years, they will drop 5 full credits.
  13. I didn't follow up with each verifier, all but two voluntarily confirmed that they had recieved emails.
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