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  1. I don't see any new posts on the mcmaster medical school facebook page. Maybe I am following the wrong one, could you link it here or tell me the page name?
  2. Well GPA and CARS account for 30% of your post interview score, so applicants with higher stats would more likely score higher overall post interview.
  3. Hey all, Pretty sure I'm just neurotic but: Does uAlberta verify every verifier? Because only about half my verifiers informed me that they had received a form. What happens if a verifier does not send in their form before the deadline? Do I get punished? Does uAlberta contact me and the verifier? Should I mass email all my verifiers to check their inboxes?
  4. Should we contact each school directly to confirm they have received everything (transcript, MCAT, Casper) from OMSAS and that requirements have been met? Or am I being very neurotic? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the clarification. I hope they don't do that for me, a few of my verifiers don't even have professional emails :'(
  6. What kind of things have they been asking? Is it because you didn't provide enough information in your application?
  7. I believe the reserved seats are post-interview. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. Is it true that you DO NOT need to answer all 3 questions per scenario? You are only graded on what you respond to. So if you answer 2/3, you get marked only on those 2. Could someone confirm this? Thanks! fyi: this rumor doesn't seem logical to me, because if it were true, wouldn't the best strategy be to only answer 1 question per scenario/5mins?
  9. Yeah it's been a mission and a half getting messaged by verifiers about what to write all day. Conversely, if a verifiers doesn't respond before the deadline, will UofA let me know or disregard that activity? AKA should I be messaging all of my verifiers right now to check their emails?
  10. They received it early September. Mine says initiated too, but under the box there's a line that says received transcript indicating term 1 and 2 registration.
  11. The to do list shows that they've received my transcript. Is it like this for anyone else?
  12. Hi all, so the instructions state 250 words maximum. But the forms on OMSAS to input the BPE and detailed sketch allow for a maximum of 2000 characters. 2000 characters is significantly more than 250 words, it's about 300 words. So which rule do we follow? Thanks!
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