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  1. As mentioned above, US schools would be better. Look at reports from CaRMs and see that it is already difficult for US and Canadian grads to get residency matches in Canada. St George's cost a lot of money, and if you want to come back, you'd have to absolutely kill it and finish top of class, meaning your 4 years studying in paradise will be way more gruelling than they advertise.
  2. Coming from a Queen's Life Sciences Grad, I would say that Mac Health Sci may be a better bet if your sole goal is to get into med. Queen's Life Sci was not a very supportive program. Love the school's community (a vast majority of my friends were not in my program), hated the Life Scie/ Biomedical sciences faculty, and the community was odd (a lot of people had a competitive edge but weren't even well off enough to do med). I also know that this new Health Sci program at QU integrates a lot of online learning classes. If you don't like that, then reconsider. I personally found my online classes easy to fall behind in, especially since Queen's is a very social/fun oriented school.
  3. Went through this great flowchart, but since I am in a grey area for GPA and have abnormal research experience, it would be good to have some feedback before writing the MCAT this summer. I am an Ontarian who just graduated Queen's Life Sciences. GPA (calculated with OMSAS): 3.74 (cGPA) / 3.85 (last 2 years, my best 2 years)/ 3.81 (best 2 years with UWO standards) / 3.87 (taking out the worst 8 half credits out as per U of T wGPA) MCAT: as mentioned before, I will be writing this summer (unless my application seems too weak to have a chance) Volunteering: 40-50 hours volunteering in a local hospital's Urgent Care Centre during my 4th year Research: No lab research, however I have worked as a Project Assistant for a Clinical Research Coordinating Centre part-time for two school years, and full time for a 4 month summer. This has been an office job, where I have been the leader for the update of an internationally used research tool (Family Satisfaction with ICU questionnaire), took part in the auditing and closeout of a medical device trial, and assisted with the coordination of an end of life decision making study and a critical care nutrition trial. I've definitely worked more than 600 hours. Extracurricular experience: Worked as a bartender at a student run bar in 4th year, Sponsorship Assistant for a student run Neuroscience conference in 3rd year, Brand ambassador for a nootropic in 3rd year, Water polo intramurals twice, ultimate frisbee intramurals once, Worked as a 1:1 camp counsellor for children with special needs after 1st year (my favorite job I've had) My friends think that I'd do well on an interview, but I'd have to earn an interview first. I also feel like most applicants are either naturally good with interviews or prepare themselves thoroughly for interviews. It is true that I'm good with oral communication, confident speaking, and friendliness (I loved working as a camp counsellor, UCC volunteer and bartender) I really don't think it's something to bank my chances on. So, with this GPA, with my abnormal research experience and with my limited volunteering, do I still have a chance for Canadian schools? Or should I do a Master's or look at alternative options to med. Thanks for reading all this, and for offering any insight!
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