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  1. How exactly do you write about research on your Non-Academic Activities? Especially those volunteer lab chore positions... would we just write something like "I held the responsibility of cleaning glassware and tools for the entire lab. I also organized data into a database for future analysis." Also, should we talk specifically about projects we work on? Or do we just be brief, to prevent it from sounding like an abstract entry? For example, could I just say "Ran experiments pertaining to insulin processing in relation to diabetes development," without going too hard into the science? Thanks!
  2. I definitely agree that writing style had something to do with it. But the low NAQ score has made me consider doing coop out of paranoia lol. I'm hoping to see a big jump in GPA in my 4th year as I have, for the most part, free reign over which elective courses I can take since all my requirements will be finished
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