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  1. duckduckgoose18

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    They gave me 10 days to respond, same with my friend who got in a couple of days before me. WL offers might go out in staggers b/c of that.
  2. duckduckgoose18

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Thanks Otter!! ^ _ ^ Hope to see ya there
  3. duckduckgoose18

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Accepted to Hamilton! Fell out of my chair when I got the news! Timestamp: 10:05AM Thanks to everyone here for your support and fingers crossed for anyone still waiting.
  4. duckduckgoose18

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2019

    No idea, they already left for the day! But the call came in around 11:23/24 am
  5. duckduckgoose18

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2019

    A friend (not on the forums) just got in off the WL for the English stream today!
  6. duckduckgoose18

    Dr. Walker is leaving :(

    Not affiliated with U of C in any way, but his pre-rejection interview letter was the kindest one I got and I think the way Dr Walker does frequent blog posts/updates on waitlists is awesome! It really shows he understands how stressful this can be and wants to minimize it however he can. Big ups
  7. duckduckgoose18

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Any news anyone?
  8. duckduckgoose18

    OMSAS reference letters stopped?!

    It's probably going to become a pass fail thing then, since people will likely only approach profs who'd be willing to give them 4/5s. I'd imagine this won't change anything for Mac, since they don't care about LORs very much, but interesting to see how it'll shift things at U of T/other schools that normally put quite a bit of weight on the letters.
  9. duckduckgoose18

    How does the GPA calculations work?

    Queen's and UWO take your best two years. U of T removes 1.0 credits/year of undergrad completed (not sure about grad school) Mac looks at all courses (but to be fair, the average GPA for matriculants is lower than other schools b/c they don't weigh your GPA)
  10. duckduckgoose18

    Second undergrad- are my chances any better?

    Your 2 year GPA puts you in the running for Queen's, and even cGPA might do for McMaster (depends on Casper, don't underestimate how much a good Casper score can tilt the chances in your favour). Also, U of T's wGPA can make a huge difference; have you tried calculating what it would be there?
  11. duckduckgoose18

    How does the GPA calculations work?

    Yes, Mac includes everything and uses cGPA.
  12. duckduckgoose18

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Yeah, this process is putting me through mood swings
  13. duckduckgoose18

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    This wait is death :'(
  14. duckduckgoose18

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Let's not lose hope yet guys! Of course, the smart thing to do here is to be productive and make plans for the following cycle, prepare for the worst (</3) At the same time, the waitlist has moved in June in previous years, and I assume b/c the deadlines are consistent from year to year, the situations are the same. That is, because the 2 week deadline for responses doesn't seem to have changed, I'd imagine people who got off the WL in June in previous years were just like us--not in the initial wave of waitlisters and waiting on those in the first wave to decline for another school, whether it be OOP or another Ontario WL.
  15. duckduckgoose18

    Breach of professionalism?

    Tbh I think as long as you’re polite and don’t ask for your position (since they clearly state in the WL letter not to), they won’t care about general questions