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  1. If you are located in Edmonton, come to this place: 14315 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 4S6. They are specialized in providing police check. It takes about 30 - 60 min. Fee is $50 if i recall correctly. You will walk out with the check. They did not even ask me for the offer letter.
  2. Result: Accepted Geography: IP GPA: 3.86 MCAT: 517 (130/127/132/128) Degree: B.Sc. and finishing up Ph.D. E.C: Mostly employment and research. Light on volunteering. Interview: Did not feel well with the panel. Most of the stations were comfortable. Will be accepting. See you guys in the Fall and good luck to those on the wait list.
  3. Spoke to admissions office earlier today. Offers are unlikely to be released this week. The person I talked to put it like this: "middle of May and maybe a few more." Translation: mid to late next week, IMHO. This may be their standard response on the subject matter and the new announcement might have been a result of a change in schedule. However, the May 16 rumor seems more plausible to me at this point.
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