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  1. I rarely post on this forum, but for those waiting I hope my stats can give you some relief/an idea of where you stand. Timestamp: June 4 1:47 PM ET Accepted VFMP (1st choice) Early or regular deadline: Regular AGPA: 3.89 MCAT: 506. Yup 506... (128/125/126/127). Had little hope with this score, but miracles happen.. Year: Graduated, doing a 1 year masters ECs: Think this is where I clutched. A couple pubs, decent work exp, volunteering, clubs. Lots of music experience (teaching, playing, etc.) Message me if you want more advice on this, because I think this is really the only reason I got in.. Geography: OOP Interview: Felt decent, first MMI so wasn't too sure what to expect, but left not feeling bad or amazing. Really hope this helps, and feel free to message me with more questions. I know this is a super difficult time for people and it can be very overwhelming at times.
  2. An OOP here who just got an offer to Vancouver. Will reject in the upcoming days. Best of luck to everyone and keep your heads up!
  3. Took Eng 211 and 255. Both manageable, but 255 was definitely the harder of the 2 with far more subjective marking. 255 also had more essays and writing, whereas 211 was more reading and analysis. With that said, 255 made me such a better write and I'd highly recommend both courses.
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