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  1. None of my verifiers have been contacted after asking around. Also stressful :/
  2. Result: Rejected Geography: In province Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 10:35 am PST AGPA: ~91% AQ score 32.1 NAQ score: 28.5 EC's - had a variety of strong service, leadership, research, and employment positions, lots of unique experiences, Many of the experiences were long-term commitments. TFR: 60.6 (above average for interview candidates) MCAT: 503 Interview: Above Average Interview Year: BSc. 2018 I am pretty disappointed with the rejection. I really thought I would have got waitlisted at the minimum as I believed my good interview and above average TFR would outshine the low mcat score. Not to mention I was exceptional in all my science courses in a rigorous science degree with a heavy course-load that definitely demonstrated my proficiency in the sciences. With the process supposed to be holistic, I thought that this would also outweigh the low mcat score but I guess it is back to the drawing board. I'm thinking it would be worthwhile to retake the mcat. I would really appreciate any advice or comments that you guys may have!
  3. Rejection In-province student AQ score: 32.1 (science degree, heavy course load) NAQ score: 28.5 (variety of different and unique volunteering experiences, many long term commitments) TFR: 60.6 MCAT : 504 Edit: forgot to mention I had an above average interview score Pretty bummed out, but oh well. Congratulations to all of those accepted !!!!
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