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  1. Exactly like the only thing that would make me go to Queens would be the scholarship, id rather stay closer to home if there r no other incentives
  2. Nice okay bec i was just seeing the price for the GO train and it seems like its $9.34 per trip that would get me to union station and then another subway fee to get to campus bec its a 30 min walk from the station so about $25 a day and $500 a month which seems quite excessive or i am just getting wrong info idk bec $250 wouldn't be too bad per month
  3. Hey guys just wondering if anyone here did their undergrad or masters at UofT and lived in Mississauga or around there, how much did it cost monthly to commute and in ur opinion how much time does that usually leave u to study/workout/socialize?
  4. Where were u able to find this? Iv been checking everywhere
  5. I tried calling several times and sent an email but have yet to hear back
  6. Anyone from previous years know when the recipient of the torrible Goldman Sachs scholarship was announced before? Was it after accepting offers or did the recipient receive an email alongside their acceptance email?
  7. Any ideas when they announced the torrible Goldman Sachs scholarship last year? Do they tell u after acceptance or alongside ur acceptance letter?
  8. Wats waitlisted accepted and waitlist offer in western student center?
  9. Ya thinking the same thing bec assuming i get into queens and another school, receiving the scholarship will factor in big time if i decide to go with queens or not
  10. But u did ur undergrad at U of T right? We r trying to figure out if someone didn't do their undergrad at U of T how they got access to ACORN and like if they received the email about activating ACORN way back when we first submitted applications or if it was after the CAP
  11. When did you receive an email about activating your ACORN account?
  12. Same here, i checked and didn't receive any emails about activating ACORN
  13. Like would it be before that june 7 deadline if accepting an offer?
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