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  1. I appreciate all the responses, thank you! Seems like it really boils down to (1) the type of residency and (2) your attitude. I'm still not sure whether this path is for me, but this has given me a lot of think about.
  2. Maybe so but residency is a large part of the process so I still want to take it into consideration
  3. Hi! I'm not in medical school currently but I have been applying for a few cycles. Over the years, I've graduated undergrad and started a different healthcare-related career, and sometimes I wonder whether it's even worth it for me to keep applying to medical school. So I'm curious, now that you're done schooling and are residents, was the journey worth it? Are you happy with your choice to be a doctor and would you go back and do it again knowing what you know now?
  4. I'm with you as well! My NAQ went down despite doing the same - rewriting, clarifying hours, being more specific, and adding hours/activities. It is a tough pill to swallow.
  5. I'm a bit late to this thread but I can totally relate. Over the years, I've stopped telling most people (friends and family included) I'm applying to medical school because it sets expectations in their mind, especially when they don't understand how difficult the process is year after year of applying. I have a few friends (in medical school) I can vent to each time I get a rejection because they know the process but even that makes me feel like I'm like a broken record player and I feel helpless and hopeless. I like reading these forums a couple times a year because seeing people with similar stats to me get an interview or get accepted gives me hope. Eventually I get tired of being sad and I usually make a plan of what I'm going to do to improve for the next application cycle and that helps create a drive in me.
  6. TIME STAMP: 9:06 am PST Interview Invite or Regrets: Regrets Early or Regular Deadline: Regular GPA or AGPA (if applicable): 82.41% (AGPA) MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 505 (126/126/127/126) Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): BSc (grad 2018), currently in final year of 2nd UG Geography (IP/OOP): IP Extracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): Hospital volunteering, a few activities with a focus on student wellbeing, diverse jobs, research assistant, directed studies, lots of long-term hobbies, various leadership activities, coaching, etc. Don't want to be specific as some make me easy to recognize. PM me if you want details. NAQ Range: 50th - 74.99th percentile, estimating it to be 26 (2016 = 23; 2017 = 23; 2018 = 28) My Result: TFR = 44. Thought this year was going to be the year. 4th time applicant, felt really strong about this year's application. Rewrote everything and edited it multiple times by many people in various stages of medicine and my NAQ and TFR still ended up dropping. Not quite sure what else to do anymore...
  7. Thanks Neurophiliac, I really appreciate the motivating and kind words. I will PM you
  8. Thank you for the reply! Congrats on the interview! Yeah, those stories of people getting in after 6+ applications are what give me hope. I always feel sad around this time of year but seem to get motivated for my app in Aug/Sept. I guess I'll just wait it out. Fingers crossed you get in off the waitlist!!
  9. Hi, I've been a long time lurker of this forum and like many others, have been dreaming of going to medical school. I've applied to UBC 3 times and I've never received an interview. I've changed the way I wrote my application, I've added more activities and continued old ones and it feels like nothing I do is enough to bring my score up to get that interview. It's disheartening and I'm losing more and more hope. Rejections feel worse each year as I get older and I see more and more friends get in to the program, yet I'm still here. I also see lots of applicants who have lied on their applications, only done activities to make their resume look good, or take GPA booster classes all just to get in. It's frustrating to see people like that get in and lots of deserving, genuine applicants get pushed to the side because they just didn't do enough to play this medical school game. I admire UBC because I think they do a better job of selection than other medical schools but still... it's frustrating. Each rejection means another year of my life gone and I don't know how long I can keep doing this. But if I stop applying, I guess I'll always have regrets that what if next year was my year. Anyways, in short, I guess I just wanted to get this off my chest and say I'm feeling pretty disheartened.
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