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  1. I'm still pre-med and going into my 4th application cycle. I am not Black or Indigenous. I am racialized and come from a very low SES background. I completely (100%) support BSAP and ISAP. In fact, I think more needs to be done from the medical school's part to encourage more Black and Indigenous applicants. Not just at the point of admissions through these admission streams but also supporting them throughout undergrad to foster students to be equipped to apply for medical school if they choose to. I have never questioned the way these admissions streams work and whether the student deserves to be accepted. At the end of the day, I trust the medical schools to have selected more than qualified individuals to enter medical school and they will work hard to become great physicians to support their communities. Also who's to say that a high GPA and great ECs means you're qualified to be a doctor? I know plenty of current medical students with a high GPA/great ECs but lack the compassion and understanding of complex social issues to serve folks from marginalized backgrounds. Sometimes lived experiences and understanding prepares you more than a 4.0 GPA. To speak to some of the other comments: Yes, my low SES background has disadvantaged me in the past but I will never experience the same type of violence, racism and intergenerational trauma that many Black and Indigenous students may experience. The effects of gentrification, slavery and colonization lingers for generations to come. Please remember that Canada continues to have a serious problem of racism and discrimination. This is not just an issue of the past.
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