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  1. yeah. I think best bet is tomorrow, or friday, and at latest by 28th.
  2. wouldnt it be a waste of time to find out after interview the applicant's essay / personal statement is full of red flags?
  3. doesnt make sense tho. Wouldn't they invite people after they evaluated ur essay/statement + gpa + DAT? I mean, it would be a waste to bring all the people to interview, only to reject them later due to medicore essay/personal statement...
  4. Not sure. Last year thread showed 15-20 accepted to replied to topic on Friday, could be either.
  5. Not sure. Last year thread showed like 15-20 accepted who replied. Could be either.
  6. They sent out letters usually on Friday, so it’s possible first wave may hit this coming Friday,
  7. Invite 3.93 GPA 23 AA 22 PAT looking for MMI partner in Hamilton!
  8. 1) Do you think it's necessary to take physiology and biochem before the DAT? No. 2) What resources did you use to prepare? Feralis, Crusher Notes, DAT Bootcamp Bio notes - free resources are more than enough. if you are feeling antsy get more practice questions. 3) As of now I will not be taking biochem and physiology before the DAT so what resources do you think will be beneficial for me to use (I will be learning these two topics from fresh) DAT is really shallow. Idk about ur school courses, but they will probably be more in depth. you will likely be wasting ur time if ur taking the courses just for the sake of DAT. 4) How to prepare for the MDT?? Buy 30 soaps, carve one each morning leading up to DAT. Do whats most comfortable for you. Once you can do it well, time yourself. 5) Just to confirm, there's no orgo on the DAT, correct? canadian no. American yes. 6) Should first year biology suffice for the bio section of the DAT? yes. Taking school courses solely for the sake of DAT is wasting time and money.
  9. I would say GPA is on the low side since western looks at top 2 years. DAT seems average or slightly below avg, I think ECs don’t matter. As long as u can use ur experience to impress the interviewers, length and type of experience don’t matter imo. So overall again average chance imo. I think u can get interview.
  10. I think ur exactly the average applicant in terms of DAT and GPA. I can’t really comment on extracurriculars. accepting GPA was on average 3.93 (U of T) which I thinks translates to 87.5%? Accepting DAT was on average 21/21 for AA/PAT for U of T but then there is Casper and the two papers we handed in.. so idk how much weight those are I think if u perform well in interview, you have a chance of acceptance,
  11. RC: 21 Bio:25 Chem: 24 PAT: 22 MDT: 16 idk what went wrong with my soap. I was pretty confident, I guess they have really stringent marking schemes...
  12. I’m also interested in this question. This is what I found in research, so not 100% correct. 1) grades, EXTERNSHIPS at hospitals, Reference letters. US wants freshly graduated dents, CANADA wants dents that had a year of additional treating post grad. 2) census is canadian dental school is weaker in clinical work compared to US. I don’t know how this translates to specialty acceptances. Canada grad going to US MUST do externships - preferably in the states. ($$$$). 3) no idea about this! Hope some ppl answer!
  13. Thank you so much for your insightful response! 1) preventive dentistry has like 50 things to memorize, with 0.25 unit course load, the lowest possible save for pass/fail for first year dent. How did u find this so difficult during your studies? (Could u elaborate where u failed to grasp those concepts) 2) Can u elaborate on those tooth brush techniques? I usually use my nail clippings to floss my molars. Would they fail me if I did this in U of T clinical? 3) That’s unfortunate for the waitlist kids! How can dents be so insensitive! If there are mods out there who came off a waitlist, could you verify this? It sounds HORRIBLE to be in such situations... ostracized for four years! 4) would it be okay if I’m #3 rank? They accept up to 3 for OMFS in U of T. Oh I see where ur coming from! They must accept #1 rank applicants from other dent schools! That makes perfect sense now. But isn’t it difficult to be both president and number 1 rank? 5) I heard some specialists can extract teeth like candy. Timing would definitely a valuable asset in all clinical tests, in addition to private practice. Too bad those equips are expensive!
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