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  1. I just liked the workload of 4 courses since it was a lot less stressful, and allowed me to focus more on hobbies and things I liked doing. I did work part-time for about a year, but no sports. I think one thing to look up also is what universities will really not like that you're not taking a full course load as you might be missing out on some potential schools. In general, I believe it does pose a risk as they will probably question your file when reviewing it at least somewhat, although it did work out for me. I think my MCAT score may have helped, but it's all speculation.
  2. Hey scott, I've had pretty much 4 courses the entire time except for one term. But, I believe at a UBC med information session I had before entering undergrad the person there did say you might get some red flags. Perhaps they will question if you are able to handle the academic rigor? I did have a high mcat and high GPA, though.
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