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  1. Does anyone know if having a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree helps with Carms? I just graduated from the MPH program and I will be starting medical school soon (class of 2023). From research I did during my MPH Practicum, I will be publishing a public health article in the fall (2nd author), I have an abstract approved for a conference in Ottawa in November, and I have a report (just an evaluation of a public health program) published on a health agency website. I realize I’m listing off my CV, but does anyone know if this will help in the match? The timeline makes it seem like I did it all during my first year of medical which is lucky I suppose.
  2. YES! Thank you for alleviating my worries!
  3. I was looking at appendix 2 for the spouse to fill in. It requires my partner to declare income / RRSPs / the value of the owned car. However, it may have been a dated form since the 2019 / 2020 application documents aren't out yet. It would be GREAT if I could exclude that information because I would never expect my partner to cash in on investments or sell the car to help with my tuition LOL. I guess I'll find out in June when I apply!
  4. Hi everyone! I'll be starting 1st year med at UBC in August. I'm hoping to get some insight into StudentAid BC since I have never had student loans before. My partner and I moved in together in November 2017 & become "common-law" according to the CRA one year later in November 2018. I have to declare being common-law on my application, which means I must include my partner's financial information on my StudentAid BC application because they consider us "married". According to StudentAid BC, my spouse must make a "contribution" to my education based on their finances. I find this silly given our situation and I don't expect my partner to give me money for my education. We already declared common-law to the CRA for our 2018 taxes and it would be fraud to claim that I'm single. I am 25 years old, independent from my parents, and have no previous student loans of any sort. I'm wondering... 1) Has anyone been denied SudentAid BC because their spouse's financial situation? My income in 2018 was $0 because I have been a student for undergraduate and graduate studies (however, I had $12,500 in scholarships in 2018). My common-law partner's income in 2018 was $75,000. In applying for StudentAid BC, we also have to include information like the vehicles we own: I own a beater but my partner owns a "nice car" if you know what I mean. 2) Do we need to have StudendAid BC loans to be eligible for UBC bursaries? If I'm denied StudentAid BC and only receive an LOC, can I still apply for a bursary? 3) Do we have to provide proof of a rental agreement? We have a more casual living situation because we are so fortunate to live in a family member's apartment. Would StudentAid BC be able to find out if we don't pay rent? 4) Does StudentAid BC and UBC bursaries know how much money we have in our savings account? I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to buy a bunch of my school supplies etc. now to reduce the savings I have before applying for student loans and bursaries. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I realize it's icky to discuss such personal financial information, but I'm sure there are other medical students out there who have similar experiences.
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