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  1. Thank you for those points. Regarding GPA, I'm under the impression that doing a full year of EC activities + working (which I plan on doing) would increase my application score more than doing an extra year of school. What is your opinion on this? Personal experiences/circumstances are interesting and it seems like a lot of people write about them in the NAQ section. I just don't know what would be considered a significant enough personal experience/circumstance to be worth writing about as well as how to write the entry. What would be an example?
  2. Hi guys, completely new forum user here. I plan on applying to UBC med this upcoming application cycle but probably won't make it past the pre-interview stage due to the current strength of my app. Thus, I need to plan how to improve my app for the following year if I get rejected. I have my heart set on med (hopefully UBC) and realize that getting in can be a grind. Any advice on how to improve is appreciated! Current stats: Geography: In-province. aGPA: 86% MCAT: 511 (130/124/129/128). Year: Bsc. 2019 (graduating this year) EC's: honestly not that strong overall in my opinion. However, this is the part of my app I can realistically make up the most ground on, right? - Clubs at university: exec of 2 different uni clubs for 1 year each (~60 hrs each), member/participant in uni clubs: (~ 300 hrs) over 4 years. - Hobbies: varied, some I have done for several years (~2500 hrs rough estimate). - Volunteering: hospital/nursing home over 2 years (~200 hrs), volunteering at programs aimed towards helping disabled/autistic children (~40 hrs across 8 months), volunteered as a tutor for school-aged children (40 hrs),. - Employment: worked as a clinical research assistant (~320 hrs across 2 months), worked an office job as at freight-forwarding/logistics company (~350 hrs) across 2 months, worked as a private tutor for high school students (40 hrs across 4 months). - Research: Clinical research assistant (see above), volunteered as a clinical research assistant (~70 hrs across 8 months), poster presenter at 2 conferences, 1 first author publication in a relatively prestigious journal, 1-second author publication. - Other: random and non-specific activities (around 5 of them) that have under 20 hrs of commitment. Pretty much it for the EC's. I may be forgetting some of them, but that is the bulk of it. My opinion on my EC's is that they are relatively weak in terms of diversity and time hours committed. Another thing is that I currently lack any real leadership EC's and I feel like that's important. While I don't see myself as a natural leader, I think it is a skill that is worth developing in the long run, so suggestions in that department are appreciated. In terms of GPA, I don't plan on taking any more courses to boost it, so I'm thinking my 86% is pretty much set. Seeing as it is more than 2% lower than the average interview invite GPAs, probably need to make up for it on NAQ. As for the MCAT, I'm probably not going to worry about that I interview once at UBC (and subsequently see what all my application scores are). I may need to retake due to relatively low score (especially in CARS, damn...)
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