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  1. Hi peers, What have you done with your summers during medical school? Is there any unique opportunities out there that don't cost a ton of money and provide an overall incredible experience? (i.e. volunteering abroad in developing country, doing research away from home somewhere far away, working on some random resort in Morocco). I'm not talking about doing research or a summer job with a dope wage in the same city you spent your academic year in... This thread is for the people who want FULFILLING, ADVENTURE, and DIFFERENT. Let me know what badass amazing things you have done and possibly even provide links to organizations/websites to facilitate others on sharing the same amazing experience! Also, if you could note the costs (if any) as I and I'm sure others are not looking for things that run our bank account dry (med school tuition is already doing that), but something that will be extremely gratifying and an opportunity you would recommend to everyone! Thx and hope this thread blows up with engagement.
  2. Result: Accepted!!! (London Campus) Timestamp: May 14 (12am) 2 yr GPA: 3.95 MCAT: 128, 126, 129 (C/P, CARS, Bio) Geography: SWOMEN
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