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  1. It's really conflicting because given how quickly they've been sending out offers for open spots, I'm assuming that there are only a handful left. At the same time, while the forum is obviously statistically inaccurate, the 4/28 value seems so out of line.
  2. Yeah, that appears to be the trend. The way I'm reading into this is that anyone who rejected their Mac offer before ~6pm had their position offered to someone else. Anyone who rejected their spot after 6pm will have their spot offered today. That being said, there's also a chance that they were not able to send out emails offering all the positions that were open as of 6pm, which would be good news for us. Ultimately though, it's all empty speculation
  3. To my understanding, the 330 offers are a culmination of what is sent between initial offers and all waitlist offers. In past threads some people have said that Mac over accepts to start (let's guess 240 sent out today?), meaning we can expect a lot of waitlist movement (~80 if historical data is representative). Quick note though, the 330 offers were sent two cycles ago. Last cycle there were 316. No idea how many people got rejected but I don't think they would waitlist 300+ people, especially given that rejections are present in the main thread for past years.
  4. Status: Waitlisted Timestamp: 7:54 AM Geography: IP cGPA: 3.93 CARS: 128 Year: 3rd Casper: Thought it went well MMI: 2 were pretty bad, 3 really good ones, the rest were in the middle
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