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  1. Hey this is might be a pretty weird question but has anyone ever tried to switch which campus they want as their first choice after receiving an unspecified offer? Up until a couple weeks ago Windsor was my first choice and that's what I'd indicated before the interview, but changing circumstances for me made it so that I'd actually prefer London now if possible. My offer's unspecified so of course there's no guarantees that I get into my first choice anyway but from what I've read most that get the first round of offers get into their first choice regardless. Would it be worth emailing the school outlining my position before they send out which campus I've been admitted to or is it better to hold off until after, assuming they even consider such requests??
  2. Result: Accepted (Unspecified, student portal) Timestamp: 12:02am 2-year GPA: 3.83 MCAT: 129/128/127 Interview: (online) felt good, thought I gave good concise answers and didn't ramble, made a couple light-hearted comments about the current lock-down that I figure they liked Year: 1 year removed from graduating Geography: SWOMEN I honestly don't remember if I picked Windsor or London lmao, down for either at this point though this was my only interview this year so I'm just grateful for the opportunity. Good luck to all those on the waitlist this year, I was in the same position last year and the wait is never any fun. Hang tight
  3. just got the email, seems they've started sending them out now
  4. I got the exact same response when I emailed them today as well.
  5. I haven't gotten an email yet either, going to email them as well
  6. Same here, less than 24 hours to go for the interview
  7. Also interviewing on the 28th, haven't heard anything from VidCruiter yet. Planning on calling if I don't get an email by tomorrow morning, this whole leaving it to the last minute situation is isn't exactly ideal and is probably causing a lot of interviewees undue stress. The last thing you want to hear is that you'll be contacted in "the next few days" when your interview is 2 days away :))
  8. Strange they still haven't said anything about it, I haven't even gotten a confirmation email or anything that my photo and non-disclosure agreement have been received so I don't know if they just don't bother to send that or if I need to submit it somewhere else
  9. This is my 2nd time applying and getting an interview at Western with what appears to be very mediocre stats and I'm not really sure where to go from here. My stats are as follows: cGPA: = 3.61 2YGPA = 3.825 MCAT(CP/CARS/BB/PS) = 515 (129/128/127/131) SWOMEN = Y I'm under no impression that my grades alone helped me get an interview and know that SWOMEN status played a huge role for me. Given that I was only placed on the low waitlist at Western during the previous cycle I have a feeling these stats aren't nearly enough to get me over the hurdle outside of having a mind-blowingly good interview score. So assuming I'm not able to kill the interview (fingers crossed I do), what would you suggest I do going forward? I've already graduated and have spent the past year working at a sleep clinic so outside of going back for a special year I'm more or less out of options to improve my gpa. I've also considered doing a one year masters in applied health science or a related field but I've read several people say taking a masters to improve a med school application is a lot of work for very little actual benefit, so I'm really at a loss for what to plan for over the summer while I wait to hear back from Western this year. Any suggestions from anyone who's been in a similar situation?
  10. You're right in that there's not a lot of space to add some artistic flourish to the essays, last year I often found myself having to cut down a lot because 2400 INCLUDING spaces is really not that much. In the end if you feel like explaining your activity is crucial to help explain the rest of the essay (lessons, medicine relation) then you can expand on it more but sometimes I found myself trying to outline the activity as shortly as possible and jumping right into the next part as soon as I could. That seemed to be enough for me to get offered an interview last year, so I'm sure they're aware of the constraints we're working with and judge accordingly
  11. Timestamp: May 14, 5am Result: Waitlisted SWOMEN: Yes 2yGPA: 3.78 MCAT: (129/128/127) Pretty disappointed, felt I did well in the interview but guess not. Anyone have any idea when they start calling people from the waitlist? I'm assuming it starts a week or two after the first round of offers.
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