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  1. I messaged them about this earlier this month and they said to send them a message through the chat button on the lower right side. Include your new OMSAS id and they can take care of it!
  2. Hi everyone, Last year I was fortunate enough to receive an OOP interview. Does anyone know if it's alright to submit the same Maritimes connection essay?
  3. Yeah, I asked them a few weeks ago and was told to use my old account.
  4. I think there is! On the other thread (accepted May 2019) someone mentioned their email had a "based on your ranking, you are unlikely to receive an offer" line. Hoping for the best!
  5. Status: Waitlisted Timestamp: 7:53AM Geography: IP cGPA: 3.93 CARS: 128 Year: 4 Casper: Felt great! Think about what you would sincerely do in the situation to help you answer. MMI: 3 stations felt horrible including the role playing, 3 mediocre and the rest felt good. Congrats to those with offers!
  6. Result: Good waitlist Stream: English Time-stamp: 7:22 am wGPA: 3.94 CASPer: Felt great! Good enough for a Mac interview invite. I think so many of the scenarios come down to your life experience and how well you can support your answer. ECs: A few exec team roles, non-profit charity run volunteering, other health-related volunteering at my university. Interview: The interview felt so so. My panel was very friendly but I definitely could have improved on some of my answers. Year: 4th year undergrad Geography: IP Congrats to those with offers! It's been quite a night. Let the waiting begin.
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