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  1. Doesn’t look like they finished updating the site
  2. Congrats!! Just going off your previous posts, you were 7:18:56 right?
  3. You are 5X so there is still hope. I was 5X last year and didn’t get in, but last year the waitlist moved only 84 spots, the fewest in the past years. It was 93 or 94 for the two previous years. So had it moved that much last year, I think all the 5X would have gotten in. Don’t lose hope
  4. Honestly. There are so many ways to improve this process.
  5. That’s my worry too. Since they didn’t call they could have literally sent out all the offers through email and are now waiting till Wednesday to send out the second round. Hopefully that’s not the case and they split it in half or something.
  6. Everyone that posted that they received an offer from waitlist for English stream yesterday said they received an email and not a call.
  7. Yes you are right that would make sense. Because if they email everyone at once their phone lines would get absolutely bombarded lol. So let’s pray there is still some initial movement
  8. The weird thing about this year is that they seem to email the offers instead of calling. Technically, they can email all the offers out at once in one day. With calling, it probably takes longer so you would see movement over a few days.
  9. Congrats!! You sure that’s not when you received it?
  10. So we know the waitlist got until 7:18:4X. You are probably next on list
  11. Not sure. It depends how many calls they made today and how many people accept their waitlist offer.
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