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  1. GLWL

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2019

    Hmm that’s weird seeing that nobody else posted from 7:46 and a lot of people made accounts just to share. I guess we will find out in a weeks time
  2. GLWL

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2019

    Are you sure it was sent/created at 7:46 and not received at 7:46?
  3. GLWL

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2019

    Also, I checked the AFMC 2019 PDF and it shows that last year, 84 people declined their offer at uOttawa (English and French). 2017/2018 - 84 declined 2016/2017 - 93 declined 2015/2016 - 93 declined 2014/2015 - 88 declined. So let’s hope it’s a decent amount this year lol.
  4. GLWL

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2019

    If you are on gmail, click the three dots in the right of your email, then click show original source, and scroll down a bit to see sent time. Honestly, I do believe it is. I was in this position last year where everyone on the good waitlist was either 7:45 or 7:46. Nobody that had a 7:46 timestamp got in, and nearly everyone from the 7:45 got in. I was at the end of the 7:45 bin seconds wise, and I didn’t get in, so I believe it stopped pretty close to where I was on the list. One thing we can’t predict is how many people are placed in each minute timestamp. Last year it stopped at the end of 7:45, but this year there could be more people in the 7:19 than the 7:18 for example, and it may continue through it a bit. I don’t mean to crush anyone’s hopes, it isn’t 100% confirmed, so when people start getting called, we will get a better idea if they can share their gpa and seconds timestamp. Someone also asked about why there are some people who have 7:17. Those people all seem to be 7:17:5X so my speculation is that they are in the bin that Ottawa finished at when they sent the initial 116 offers. So what should happen on the 29th is those on 7:17 will hear first, then it will pass through 7:18 gradually, and hopefully into 7:19 if there is significant movement.
  5. GLWL

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2019

    Your email passes through different web servers to reach you and those can be located in different parts with different time zones.
  6. GLWL

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2019

    It’s time that the email was sent that matters, not received. I actually spoke with a lot of people who said they got their waitlist email at 7:20,7:21, etc, but they all actually had it sent either at 7:18 or 7:19.
  7. GLWL

    Waitlist Timestamp Poll

    We’l find out if there is any significance once they start calling people off the waitlist
  8. We should start a new one :p
  9. If it doesn’t say then it is the good waitlist :) The “bad” one says you are unlikely to receive an offer.
  10. haha all I did is stress You are right, its definitely not guaranteed. But if you look at last year's waitlist, for the english stream the goodwaitlist was either 7:45 and 7:46, and everyone who posted that they got in was from 7:45, with no one posting from 7:46. I was at the end of 7:45 and didn't get in. It is an accurate speculation So for now I see a 7:17, 7:18, 7:19, 7:22 and a 7:23? That seems odd lol
  11. Open the email, on the right side there should be three dots, click those then click view message source. Then scroll down a bit to see the time the email was sent. Btw the above info I mentioned is for the english stream, I'm not too sure about the french stream. But if everyone can post their time and stream maybe we can see a pattern like last year, its the most we can do in the meantime lol.
  12. Yes it does. I was wait listed last year as well and the "good wait list" emails were sent at 7:45am and 7:46am. Nobody from the 7:46am good-waitlist got in for last year, although the movement last year was a bit less than previous years. I know this because I got my email last year at 7:45:5X seconds. The last person to post on here was 7:45:4X. Could everyone who got on the wait list (good or bad) post what time their email was sent. The sent time is what matters, not the received time. To check sent, click the show original option button in the settings on your gmail and scroll down a bit. Mine was sent at 7:19. I want to see if there are two times again for good wait list and bad wait list. Thanks guys and best of luck to everyone, it is truly a tough process.