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  1. So is it true they really contact all verifiers? Contacting 16 seems excessive but I've already had 6 contacted... Some of them only know me from a distance as coordinator of volunteering (not even the current one because the past one retired) so can't really fill out a whole box as to why I'm fit to be physician.. If they wanted essentially 16 references they should have explicitly stated so, verifier imo should be someone who just confirms the activity and hours.
  2. @dryorku Thanks for clarifying this situation!
  3. Would there be any problems with using the same essays I wrote for Alberta for Calgary or any other school? They had similar questions and time is tight so I was planning on reusing some of my excerpts but I'm not sure if this would show up on Turnitin for any of the systems. Thank you
  4. Do the abs entries have to be entered chronologically or reverse chronologically? I know previously Ottawa wants it chronologically, but I'm not sure if OMSAS automatically rearranges it for you.
  5. Hello everyone, Can anyone who went through the process enlighten me as to whether your essays were more elaborate and 'artsy' in a sense, or whether you simply listed the 3 items and wrote concretely what you learned? I find that there is not enough space to add that much stylistic fluff and I only have space to write exactly what I did and learned. I'm not sure though if that would make my essays a little bland, or whether it's just conciseness and clearness they're looking for. As well, for the 'description of activity you did' is it acceptable to write only 1-2 sentences? I'm finding that if I write a whole paragraph just about what I did in the beginning I lack space to have more substance in the 3 items. As well, what structure would be recommended for these types of essays? Should there be a concluding paragraph for each entry?
  6. Just like the title says. Would a verifier be necessary for experiences that are more personal/intimate and not on your ABS?
  7. What kind of experiences do people talk about here? How raw and personal should we get considering they don't want any academic/research experiences? And should the experience be big and overarching your whole uni experience or just one specific incident at a specific time point?
  8. I have the same question!! I emailed the med schools today, and hopefully they give me a response quickly. In the U of T admissions video they only differentiated between academic and non academic but I'm not sure about the other schools. Do you guys think using a volunteer supervisor from a lab (she was a grad student) count for personal? Because it's technically not employment and she isn't a professor nor has taught me in any setting? I asked her to tick off the extracurricular checkbox but don't know if that'd be okay
  9. Are they required for UofT and Western? I couldn't find any info on them on the site, and for UofT was not listed in the application so I am assuming not required. However, I haven't had a chance to check out the Western supp app so not sure if Western requires them.
  10. I would choose B, and avoid A just in case. You have your backup options, no need to panic.
  11. Do you guys think its okay for them to use pronouns like his and her.. it seems kind of awkward to keep referring to us as he/she or they (which is grammatically incorrect). I'm not sure what is meant by the bias either. However, I feel like as this is a fairly new rule lots of applicants' referees may make the same mistake, so I'm not sure how strict they would be on this?
  12. Thank you so much, this video helped a ton. They mention here that one just has to be non academic and one academic, rather than academic/employment - so I am assuming for U of T at least they don't put academic and employment in the same category. I just find it confusing how OMSAS and other schools cluster academic and employment together if the employment is completely non academic related.
  13. It depends on the school you're applying to - for instance, Western has a 3/5 rule where if you're using your fourth year grades 3/5 of your courseload has to be 3rd year or above. For Toronto they say similar things but it's more of an expectation than requirement. If I were you I would research each school you're applying to and see what their expectations are.
  14. For references, one has to be academic or employment, and one has to be personal. For the employment does it have to be academia related like research, or does any employment count? As well, if I volunteered (not worked) in a research lab for a PhD student (not in my field) would that count as personal or does any involvement in research count as academia even if I just volunteered? As of right now I was considering the PhD supervisor as personal, my NSERC professor who is related to my field as academic/employment (not sure if NSERC is employment), and my supervisor from working at a piano company (who would also be the academic/employer category?). I honestly thought though piano would be personal and the PhD referee would be academic but am unsure. Would those cover the bases? Also how strict are these rules? I recall listing two employment (non academic related) related referees last year and one from my PhD supervisor (who I don't know if counted as personal or academic) and received one interview, so I'm wondering if the suggestions aren't strict requirements or whether just that one school wasn't as strict. Thank you in advance for any advice
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