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  1. Thanks so much! How would you suggest breaking up content review vs. practice? Should I be doing some practice problems as I go along? How long should content review take if I am a biology major?
  2. hey guys, when do you think we should basically give up hope? thinking of studying for DAT in case but just wanna make sure before i dish out $$$
  3. Hey everyone, I'm considering applying to dental school and have no idea where to start in terms of DAT. What books would you recommend? Are there any free pdfs floating around? Given that I have already studied for the MCAT extensively last summer and did relatively well on it, how much investment/hours would DAT take compared to MCAT (studied 3 months full time)? I am thinking of writing it this November, but will probably have to start studying soon as school starts up for me again in September. Thank you!
  4. Where did you come across the number 76 ? Did they post the stats for last year somewhere ?
  5. Poster above mentioned something about curriculum overhaul/improvement would that affect movement??
  6. Are there any big waves left after this one... 2 weeks from now? Or does it trickle down
  7. anyone know a rough ballpark how many are rejected?
  8. adding myself to this party .. looks like it's going to be another couple months of anxiety
  9. Result: Waitlist Timestamp: May 14 7:53 AM cGPA: 3.86 CARS: 130 Interview: Maybe 2 really good ones, couple good ones, and half were mediocre or shaky. Geography: IP Feeling a bit disappointed in myself not at the result but mainly because I know I didn't give it my all during the real interview...hopefully if things don't work out will end up getting another chance at mac next year. Congrats to everyone who made it in this year
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