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  1. INVITEDDDD Time Stamp: 22/01/2020 - 15:17 Pm (N-B timezone) Location: OOO, IP, OOP Stream: French CNFS wGPA: 3.66 Current year: UG complete, Worked 1 year Casper: Better than last year
  2. J'ai une question, pour Laval pharmacie est-ce que les offres sortent mi-mai aussi? (en même temps que les offres pour médecine)
  3. last year it was around 1pm I think (Ottawa time)
  4. I called this morning and the invites should go out today!! So just waiting until the emails start to come in
  5. Since the invites for interviews should go out soon, just wanted to start this tread to share Does anyone knows when the interviews will be? Here's the template if anyone wants to share! Invite/Rejection Time Stamp: DD/MM/YYYY - XX:XX AM/PM Location: OOO, IP, OOP Stream: English, French, Aboriginal, French (OOP (not QC)) wGPA: on 4.0 OMSAS Scale Current year:3rd year, 4th year, UG complete, Masters, PhD ECs: Description at your discretion Casper: General thoughts Invite/Rejection Time Stamp: Location: Stream: wGPA: Current year: ECs: Casper:
  6. I've gotten on the waitlist too, I was told they had 7 or 8 seats this year, so there's a small chance to move up the wait list I would say
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