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  1. It is a bit of a trek. That being said, some of my classmates went back almost every weekend so there is always someone to carpool with! ViaRail takes about the same amount of time as well plus you can get work done on the train!
  2. Can confirm - we are all very excited!! The second years helped us a lot this year and we can't wait to do the same for the 2024s
  3. Hey! I'm also a Windsor campus student and wanted to tell you a bit about my experience this year. I'm originally from the GTA and moved to Windsor last year. I had some extremely unforeseen medical issues come up this year and I can't even put into words how much support I received from everyone at the Windsor campus. The small class size means you almost automatically have 38 new friends rooting for you and the admin at the Windsor campus knows everyone personally by name. I had to commute back to the GTA for appointments and everyone went above and beyond to accommodate any needs I had. I know moving away from your support system is hard, but trust me you will be extremely well supported on the Windsor campus! @CHG is the go to person for any Windsor campus questions!! I just wanted to add that there are a lot of really unique opportunities you get on the Windsor campus as well. Due to the small class size and because there aren't a lot of residents in Windsor you have the opportunity to get a lot of hands on clinical learning starting from first year. Becoming an executive member of interest groups/clubs is also much easier on the Windsor campus since we have less people and all the same positions! You also get to know the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years pretty well which is so helpful especially when you have questions about CaRMS, clerkship, etc. Also, the physicians who teach small groups, clinical skills, etc. get to know us all personally and are always inviting students to do OCLOs (observerships) with them. Every physician I have interacted with in Windsor loves to teach and make themselves available to answer questions pretty much whenever you need help. Windsor really is an awesome place to attend medical school and whether you are in London or Windsor you will get a great education (and meet some great people along the way!)
  4. This is all a rough guess and can change year to year so take this information with a grain of salt. The last person I personally know to get off the waitlist was notified in late July. I'm not sure about the class full email, but from previous years it sounds like they have not sent a class full email. It's impossible to know how many people are on the high waitlist. They almost always clear the high waitlist and at least part of the normal waitlist. To put this into perspective, last year a lot of the high waitlist was offered Windsor initially as opposed to previous years where they had some offers to London off the high waitlist as well. Regardless, some of us were still accepted off the normal waitlist last year. I don't think they have ever accepted anyone from the low waitlist.
  5. Hi everyone !! Just wanted to provide some support to those on the waitlist right now. Last year the high waitlist started moving on May 30th, 2.5 weeks after offers went out. I was on the normal wait list and was called on the Monday (June 3rd). My stats were(2Y 3.8 GPA, 126/129/128 MCAT and Non-SWOMEN). I know this time sucks but don't give up hope yet !!
  6. I also received a call off the normal waitlist for the Windsor campus this morning!
  7. Congratulations! Was Windsor your campus preference?
  8. I was offered normal waitlist today... hopefully there is lots of movement this year!
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