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  1. Thanks for the perspectives. I'm not at all interested in leaving my supervisor high and dry if I get in. I think that would just be a waste of both our time and energy. Burning bridges that don't need to be burned is really never a good idea. Good to hear they seem to recognize the value of those experiences and are accommodating though.
  2. I'm wondering if anyone knows anything above what U of A says is a "case by case basis" for deferrals this year. I'm a 2 time applicant, 2 time interviewee, 1 time waitlister. I'll be starting an MSc this fall at U of A and I'm wondering if its even worth applying. Basically I wouldn't be done an MSc by the time classes start next fall and would want to defer. Obviously I could sit this year out applying but I'm of the mindset shared by many that the more times you put your name in the hat, the more likely you are to get picked. I remember back on interview day in 2018 they specifically said something along the lines of "we grant deferrals for grad studies". I know an MPH student that was granted a deferral that year to finish. I don't think they said anything at the interview this past March about it, so I'm wondering if that still applies?
  3. Mine has as well. Not sure what that means.
  4. I imagine those emails will be sent out soon-ish given last year's timeline. The mdadmissions blog gave a few updates last June about movement on the waitlist, but so far it's all radio silence...
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