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  1. Posting it here so other OOPs have hope. My friend got an invite this morning from Memorial!
  2. I truly hope you fix your way of thinking and take into account the advice people have given you. Its really, really sad and scary to know that "parents want me to" is your reason for marrying someone. You seem like you're hell bent on shifting blame to anything and anyone except yourself.
  3. Its at the Health sciences center at the st johns campus right?
  4. On the website it says Oct 16 to 30 they'll send out rejections. So maybe they are continuing invites throughout the week until the 16th?
  5. Thank you for answering and giving your input guys! Really appreciate it :)
  6. But isnt OP asking about American Schools, not Ontario schools?
  7. Hey there, First off a disclaimer that this isnt meant to cause a heated argument and this isnt comjng from a place of malice intentions. I am just curious about USMDs in the CARMS process. Ive read threads about the hate IMGs receive for entering the CARMS match but Ive yet to read anyone push for restrictions on USMDs when there are accredited schools within the US with lower acceptance criteria/competition than almost all Canadian schools. Hypothetical question as I dont know how many USMDs apply to CARMS each year but wouldnt incorporating them into international students category help alleviate the stress of CMGs to match to canadian res programs as there would atleast be some decrease in competition? Again, just curious about this so sorry if anything comes across as ignorant or uninformed. Would like to understand this better.
  8. Is there any way to find out how many people are currently registered for MD?
  9. Did anyone else not get any email as an OOP about whether they were accepted or not??
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