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  1. I also havent received anything and I triple checked everything in my email. Not sure what this means...
  2. Apparently they just sent out a few invites. My roommate got her invite and is OOP for those wondering/waiting! Havent heard anything about rejections though so maybe thats good news for regular applicants!
  3. Anyone an early applicant and not heard anything yet? Also are the people who got invites OOP or IP? Just wondering if these are coming in waves later tonight! CONGRATS GUYS
  4. Anxiety is at an all time high and I think I might need a therapist soon
  5. So is there a waitlist email? Or do we find iut if we are on the waitlist? Haven't received anything
  6. Posting it here so other OOPs have hope. My friend got an invite this morning from Memorial!
  7. I truly hope you fix your way of thinking and take into account the advice people have given you. Its really, really sad and scary to know that "parents want me to" is your reason for marrying someone. You seem like you're hell bent on shifting blame to anything and anyone except yourself.
  8. Its at the Health sciences center at the st johns campus right?
  9. On the website it says Oct 16 to 30 they'll send out rejections. So maybe they are continuing invites throughout the week until the 16th?
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