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  1. So excited to post this! Good luck to anyone still waiting Result: Accepted off of waitlist (original timestamp: 7:18:4X) Stream: English wGPA: 3.95 CASPer: I felt pretty confident about it afterwards. I am a really fast typer which definitely helped. I was able to answer all three questions each time and never got cut off or felt that an answer was incomplete. ECs: I would say average but unique. Have research but no publications. Interview: Really did not feel good at the beginning, but as time went on I become more comfortable with the interviewers and got a few "wow's" which was definitely nice and reassuring. However, they were clearly a more serious group so I had to work for that! Left feeling good, then later convinced myself it did not go well at all.
  2. Got an email and called back and confirmed I got an offer (English stream)!!! So excited to be posting this!! Waitlist email time: 7:18:4X Offer email time: 1:09 PM wGPA: 3.95
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