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  1. So excited to post this! Good luck to anyone still waiting Result: Accepted off of waitlist (original timestamp: 7:18:4X) Stream: English wGPA: 3.95 CASPer: I felt pretty confident about it afterwards. I am a really fast typer which definitely helped. I was able to answer all three questions each time and never got cut off or felt that an answer was incomplete. ECs: I would say average but unique. Have research but no publications. Worked with special needs children, involved in musical activities, went to summer camp for many summers and then worked there as a staff, etc. Interview: Really did not feel good at the beginning, but as time went on I become more comfortable with the interviewers and got a few "wow's" which was definitely nice and reassuring. However, they were clearly a more serious group so I had to work for that! Left feeling good, then later convinced myself it did not go well at all. Year: Just finished third year
  2. Got an email and called back and confirmed I got an offer (English stream)!!! So excited to be posting this!! Waitlist email time: 7:18:4X Offer email time: 1:09 PM wGPA: 3.95
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