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  1. I have not heard of any movement yet this year, students have until May 26 to accept so maybe they wait till then. Last year ~20 students made it off the waitlist so lets be hopeful!
  2. Timestamp: ~8 AM, Jan. 13 Interview: Yes GPA: 3.54 in undergrad Context: Grew up in small town in Northern Ontario then moved to Sudbury. BSc. Francophone applicant. ECs: Hospital and other volunteer positions, some unpublished research + a conference presentation, internship # of previous applications: 2 Interview Location/Date/Time: Sudbury in March Congratulations to everyone on applying, if bad news this year - continue to apply!
  3. Time stamp: 8:34 Accepted/waitlisted/regrets: waitlisted GPA: 3.52 ECs: Hospital, conference, hospice, part-time work, internship, etc. Interview: felt like it went well, maybe a bit nervous. Currently completing BScN, this should help those premeds who have lower GPAs find some motivation!
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