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  1. does anyone know how much the OOP waitlist for UofA PT usually moves? I’ve seen 20-25 people on here but I’d imagine that’s for both the in province and OOP waitlist combined
  2. right!! It would be weird if they went through that much work to do that but let’s hope we’re not rejected yet
  3. I haven’t heard ANYTHING from queens or Mac PT on orpas or on Macs website... is this happening to anyone else? (Maybe different province or last name letter?) Or does this just mean bad news
  4. OOP UoA PT Does anyone know how much movement the OOP waitlist for UofA PT usually has? Or if you know anyone who was waitlisted OOP and got in?
  5. Are you an OOP applicant? I’ve been waitlisted on the OOP waitlist and hoping to see some movement
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