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  1. lololo555

    DMD 2019

    I would think that the comment is for DentP and MedP at McGill because the other waiting lists have already advanced!
  2. lololo555

    Udem Médecine expérience

    moi aussi! cela peut maider parceque je suis dans la meme situation!
  3. pour quelquun qui ne connait pas trop bien le programme de medecine a ludem... quelles sont les forces et les faiblesses de ce programme compare par exemple a celui de mcgill?
  4. lololo555

    MedP waitlist

    https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/after-youve-applied/waitlist-post-interview to track the movement waiting list
  5. lololo555

    MedP waitlist

  6. lololo555

    MedP waitlist

  7. lololo555

    MedP waitlist

    Right now I’m around 10th on the waiting list for med p?? I feel like the chances are extremely small!
  8. lololo555

    MedP waitlist

    Does anyone know if someone will refuse a spot at medp? I feel like that would be impossible!
  9. lololo555

    MedP waitlist

    10 for the Montreal campus or 10 for both Montreal and Saguenay?
  10. lololo555

    MedP waitlist

    does anyone know how far the waiting list for Med-P usually goes? does it reach 10 for the Montreal campus?
  11. lololo555

    MedP waitlist

    does anyone know when the ones on the waiting list will get their rank?
  12. lololo555

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    ya i got that too release date may 16th where it said waiting list before
  13. est ce que les reponses cest pour medecine ou medecine preparatoire? (a udem)
  14. lololo555

    Waitlist post-interview 2019 discussion

    How do you see your rank on the waiting list?