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  1. They won't count for PT. Only the fall courses would count towards a fifth year since that is what the schools will be viewing. If you are taking in progress courses to fulfil a prereq, then they will only check your winter courses for completion.
  2. Applied + (PT): Queens, Western, Toronto, and McMaster (all PT).Accepted:Waitlisted:Rejected:GPA: cGPAa 3.33 and sGPA 3.86Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: PT experience: Long term care (geriatric), physiotherapy clinic (adults & pediatrics), clinical research (older adults), and exercise assistant (independent active older adults). Non-PT experience: Club President of a club, Vice President Communications of a club, Founder of a club, and Team Leader for student mentorship program at my school. Strong reference from Professor I worked in the lab for 2.5 years and a strong reference from my long term care supervisor. UPDATE: just wrote CASPer and feeling decent about it.
  3. What is McGill's average cgpa cutoff? And do you need to be able to speak French for the program?
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