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    UAlberta vs. U of T

    I just made the same decision. I ultimately decided that my happiness and satisfaction during one of the most difficult periods of my entire is worth more than 1-2 extra years under debt. You will pay off the debt, don't let it guide your decision!
  2. user123456

    UAlberta vs UofT vs Queen's

    I think Queen's interests me the most because I'd rather have that small university town feeling since I never got them from going to undergrad in Toronto already. Thanks for the information, it's helped a lot!
  3. user123456

    UAlberta vs UofT vs Queen's

    Oh sorry I just heard that there is less fellows/residency programs because Kingston's hospital system is smaller. I guess it was wrong then. So do finances not really matter in the long-run? I wouldn't want to work until I'm 70 or anything crazy like that so I'm wary of going into too much debt. Do you know if there is a document somewhere to see Queens' match locations? I'm just curious to see what students typically match to
  4. Also looking for an LOC - is there a website that has all the perks of each LOC listed? Can't find anything by googling that has compiled this
  5. Longtime lurker, first time poster. Congratulations everyone on your acceptances! I have narrowed down my choices to these 3 schools and was hoping for input. I did my undergrad at UofT and I'm really hoping to move to a smaller city and try somewhere new to live in. I also know that UofT is one of the best schools in Canada so I'm keep that in mind. I would appreciate anyone's advice, I'm having a lot of trouble with this. Here is what I have so far: Alberta: Pros: New city Very low cost (comes out to 100k for tuition for 4 years) Close to nature (Banff/Jasper) Good academic institution Relative moderate class size/good sense of community Early clinical exposure Good research opportunities Cons: Moving across the country from support system Still a big city, rent is expensive Very far from family UofT: Pros: Toronto is one of the best cities in Canada Huge academic institution (great research opportunities) Every specialty imaginable is here (I'm undecided) Close to family Cons: Huge class size City living sucks sometimes Very far from nature So many learners (students/residents/fellows) Very expensive tuition (27k) Queen's: Pros: Incredible sense of community Close to nature (school is literally on the lake), thousand islands nearby, many bike trails Low number of learners (easier to get observerships/research opportunities) Highest match rate in Canada (into competitive specialties, not just family) Med building is beautiful Variety of learning styles (didactic/case/clinical/observerships mandated) Small town, campus is beautiful Located in the downtown Cons: Expensive tuition Moderately far from family/friends in Toronto (but not that bad) Hospitals are old Not many specialties (community hospitals) Not as many research opportunities