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  1. I would choose the one you have a better relationship with and who can speak more positively and in more detail about you (i.e. who knows you better). Unless the supervisor specifically asks for your input, I personally wouldn't bring up the idea of collaborating on the CAF
  2. Even with a stellar CARS score (I’m talking 130+), I think you would still be held back by your GPA. Seeing as how Mac looks at your cGPA (i.e. doesn’t drop any courses), and doesn’t care about any of the experiences you’ve had (ECs, work, and volunteering are irrelevant to them, unless it’s a graduate degree), unfortunately I don’t see you having a realistic shot there regardless of how well you do on CARS or Casper. Gpa is crazy important for Canadian med schools, so if you had an upward trend in your degree, some of the schools that let you drop certain courses to produce a wGPA, or use only your two best years, could be on the table (particularly if your experiences are strong), but that’s hard to judge without knowing your GPA breakdown year-by-year, if they were full course-load, etc. Realistically though, unless your upward trend is REALLY strong, you’re going to have a tough time getting your foot in the door anywhere for an interview, especially in Ontario; I think the GPA is too low to meet the cutoffs to even be considered. Likely, the remedy here would have to be further undergraduate studies to bring it up. I’m sure not the answer you wanted to hear, but I hope it helps!
  3. Totally fine to do! Thesis is a great example for the scholar essays
  4. They're worth going over to improve as much as you can, but I've heard that it's ok to re-use. Anecdotally, I've heard that it can be a negative if the same person happens to review your app both times and somehow recognizes it, but I'm skeptical that that would happen considering how many apps each person reviews even if you were assigned to the same person. So should be no problem
  5. I thought Mac was only increasing their numbers by the number of people who didn't get pulled from the lottery and are guaranteed an interview next cycle? or is this a new thing? Either way, you've a shot at Mac with a good Casper for sure. 3.94 is solid and 127 is only slightly below average, so with a good Casper you've def a shot!
  6. It's really tough to tell... if you do end up writing the mcat and studying for every section (and come out with a viable score) I would say definitely throw an application at Queens; it isn't much extra work and you never know! Queen's is such a black box haha. Best of luck!
  7. The majority of my paid experiences were research related (did a fair bit in my UG and then quite a lot afterwards, I was non-trad). As others have mentioned though, it certainly is possible to get in with largely work experience; it looks like my experience with UBC was a bit of the odd one out! In any case it’s not really something you can change at this point (for this cycle anyways), so just just apply broadly, write the best app you can, and it’ll be what it’s going to be. It’s certainly not fatal to your application and I’m sure written the right way it will be viewed quite admirably
  8. Gotta agree. Seems a little easier to tie to personal experiences this year, but harder to make really stand out... the most obvious answers to these questions seem pretty cookie-cuttery imo, so seems like the real challenge will be making them unique.
  9. If the yellow is pretty deep/rich I could be on board, though it was second from the bottom on my list (above orange). Guess we'll have to see in person! Either way, #Team Bumblebee let's go. I'm just happy to have finally gotten into med lmao I'll take any free backpack they'll give me.
  10. +1 For burgandy. I'd also be cool with the gray (and to a lesser extent the blue). If the yellow was deeper maybe I'd be on board with it :p
  11. This is correct! Casper scores don't go through omsas they're directly released to schools Edit: Ninja'd. But that's a good question. Def something admissions needs to answer but I would imagine that they just won't use your new score at all either way seeing as how you have an auto-interview and it isn't used post-interview
  12. That's really odd. Can you get to the login page? I couldn't find it on the site, but if you use the direct link (https://www.ouac.on.ca/apply/omsas/en_CA/user/login) I can get to my login page. When I try to log in it tells me my application is closed, but maybe yours is still open? If not I would reply back and tell them that the platform has closed for the year and ask them explicitly what they would like you to do to proceed.
  13. My guess is that you would be below Queen's gpa cutoff (its internal so I'm guessing, but just based on the stats of those I've seen who've applied), so your ECs probably wouldn't be able to help you out there. I think, sadly, you'd probably have a pretty slim shot at Mac as well, again due the cGPA. The masters helps you out a bit in that regard, but probably not by enough... with some solid casper prep though, if you're able to absolutely demolish (and I mean really destroy) casper and have a crazy CARS score (probably 130+ territory), then you could end up with a shot there. But def an uphill battle. Regarding actually studying for the mcat, my personal opinion is that 3 months while working is probably not enough time (for most people anyways; everyone learns at a different speed). That said, even though I don't usually recommend doing this, you could consider funneling all of your time into cars and casper and hoping to knock both out of the park for the sole purpose of applying to Mac. Usually I tell people this isn't a good idea, but if you're all-in on the medicine dream, then it's ultimately up to your whether you think the sacrifice is worth it for a possible extra slim shot at 1 more school. I don't put it this way to dissuade you from giving it a go, it's just my 2 cents. Either way, the fact you were waitlisted at NOSM is a great sign; it means your experience (and Masters bonus) were able to compensate for the gpa and you interviewed well, so hopefully NOSM pans out this time around and it'll be a moot point haha. Good luck this upcoming cycle!
  14. In all honestly, probably not so great. If you destroy casper or have a grad degree of some kind you'll have a decent shot, but in any case it'll definitely be an uphill battle given that your stats are ok, but below average in general for Mac interviewees. Unless your other sections are crazy solid (and assuming you have a track record of scoring better on FLs) you could consider rewriting. But if your wGPA at other schools is more competitive it might not be worth considering that you could be above the cutoffs at those schools provided your other sections are strong atm. Don't throw in the towel though; if it's what you really want with enough persistence you can make it happen
  15. Def e-mail the school about this notifying them that you firmly accept their offer. That should be enough until they reply re:the omsas side of it, because yeah this past year's portal is closed now. I imagine they won't require you to do anything on omsas at this stage. Gratz on the offer though!
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