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  1. Nothing since then on my end. I’ve also heard that the additional details email and the class filling up should be in the first or second week of June though
  2. Since UofT only uses undergrad grades in the gpa calculation, so long as you had the full course load in your undergrad degree, you’ll get the wGPA for that degree. Grad grades aren’t really considered and weighting isn’t ever applied to them.
  3. As of this past cycle U of T simplified their grad applicant system, such that no academic CV is required to judge productivity anymore, and instead you get credit based on which of the categories below you fall into. My understanding is that it's judged equally within each category regarding the grad applicant credit specifically, but how you talk about your research activities in the ABS & essays, what your research-based references say in the LOR/CAF, etc, can have additional impact elsewhere in the application, as U of T tends to value research. From the U of T admissions website: "Graduate applicants will receive credit for their graduate work based on the following categories: Doctoral degree conferred Doctoral degree in progress Research-based Master’s conferred Research-based Master’s in progress Course-based Master’s conferred"
  4. Hey congrats! Niagara’s lovely, imo the best campus; good luck in the fall!
  5. I've also just been accepted this cycle (and have chosen Toronto's MAM, for full disclosure), so grain of salt and all that, but it's interesting that you've heard that Toronto students are generally more stressed. I know a few people in each of Toronto (both UTSG & MAM) and UWO (only London) in pre-clerkship, and the vibe I've gotten is that the Western students actually tend to be more on the stressed side, at least this past year (I get the sense its due to curriculum issues though, to be fair, which may be ironed out). So I think it might vary depending on who you talk to. It seems true that there are more gunners in Toronto for sure, though I've been told not to worry much about this, because you'll run into people who are cut-throat everywhere you go and the med experience is largely what you make of it. On the clerkship side, I've heard that Toronto is more stressful, but again, this is anecdotal/through the grape-vine, so can't be sure. What I've been told repeatedly though, by everyone regardless of the school, is to try to choose a place where you'll be optimally happy and supported. You'll be spending at least 4 years wherever you are (more if you try to use the home-school advantage for residency in the same place), and having the support & motivation to do well and pursue opportunities you might be interested in despite the challenges of the program is a key thing. Its a tough call between the friends you have in London (which is a great social support to have), and the city of Toronto (as London isn't very diverse at all), but it seems to boil down to the personal decision of which is more important to you between being comfortable trying to make new friends and stay remotely connected to the ones you have by choosing Toronto, or trying to find things to do and a way to be happy in the city of London (depending on how small the town is you're used to there's a fair bit to do there). You'll get a great education wherever you go, so I'm not sure there's a wrong choice, just food for thought. Good luck with the decision (and any current student please feel free to correct anything I've discussed)!
  6. Yup accepted my offer to MAM, thanks! I hope Western's waitlist works out for you (if you decide to decline Mac anyways)!
  7. Declined my Niagara offer today (despite it being my first choice of campus, Niagara's great), good luck everyone! Hope all works out
  8. Declined my offer today, good luck everyone! Hope all works out
  9. Declined my London offer, good luck everyone! Hope all works out
  10. Seems that way. I wonder if with extra legwork, maybe electives and such, it can be possible to cultivate those relationships even from MAM? Would love to know the answer to this too
  11. Seems we’re really on the same page haha, I worry a bit about the gunner mentality with Toronto too. I’ve heard that MAM is a little better in that regard, and more family-like than dt, so I’m hoping it’s a little more relaxed. Like you said tho probably unavoidable to some extent. I’ve a feeling MAM is where I’ll end up, so might see you there in the fall! (...or at least online anyways)
  12. Gratz on the multiple offers! I actually find myself in the exact same situation with the same 4 offers, and have been trying to make the same decision. Personally I'm leaning towards MAM, with Queens in second. From what I've gleaned from talking to others in the respective programs, the social support from any family and friends you have in the vicinity of the school is a huge factor, as you'll get a fine education whichever you attend in ON. I've heard positive things about MAM regarding the family feel of the class compared to UTSG, so I've gotta say MAM looks attractive because of that and the diversity of the school, small class size, and access to UofT resources. I've heard that the social environment and support from faculty/admins at Queens is second to none, but I feel like the (still quite good) cohesion among MAM students and much closer proximity to my support network probably put it ahead. I feel like it's a composite decision. That said, any students of any of these programs please feel free to correct me on any of these points you disagree with or drop any extra knowledge, always appreciated!
  13. The deadline to accept offers is 2 weeks, so the 26th. Most schools don’t do waitlist movement until after that time afaik, but I believe there’s at least some (Mac I think?) that do.
  14. I also got officially assigned to MAM with the TDR tag on OMSAS, I feel like maybe they just don’t bother with the campus info there? Or another glitch lol
  15. +1 for 2017 blue and 2016 purple. Dope colours. I’d also be oddly happy with the raspberry pink tbh, always had a secret love for the colour. But if with an acceptance comes the traffic cone life, then so be it!
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