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  1. well that's good in the sense that the class isn't full yet, thanks for the update!
  2. Nothing. Been such a tough wait, trying my best to let go and move on with life haha, hope they bring back wait list rankings one day for the sake of future applicants. MCAT grind has begun
  3. Where are these offers at tho! this thread is too quiet for comfort lately...the wait continues..
  4. Not sure of their stats Ellie. Movement seems to happen at pretty random times based off of older forums, id assume sometime after deadline thered be some and again, based off of older forums it looks like they usually get around 2 weeks to accept first round offers, so maybe next week...goodluck to us all
  5. Buddy of mine got in from the IP waitlist today, so its moving!
  6. IP waitlisted 87 GPA 497 MCAT smh Interview was a blur, one weak station for sure tho **anyone know how late can one sign up for a mcat retry if say i want to write september 1st? dont really wanna pay then miraculously get accepted off the waitlist but if i gotta do it then whatever, thanks in advance.
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