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  1. what time were you rejected if you dont mind me asking?
  2. For those who got their transcripts requested does it say they have been received yet on the same page?
  3. Nah that doesnt show up until the results come out.
  4. Why do they request transcripts? Can those who get their transcripts requested basically assume they are accepted?
  5. How do you know its coming out in the next couple of days? "if you are lucky enough to get a spot in the next couple of days"
  6. Has anybody status changed to "awaiting decision regarding interviews". I dont know if its a good or bad thing or if its nothing at all and im kinda worried.
  7. I think you should apply and just hope for the best at the end of the day it wont hurt to apply because they'll send back statistics of where you stood that year and you never know you might be the person who gets in. It happens right so id say give it a shot and don't give up hope
  8. Oh ok well thanks so much for your input its greatly appreciated!
  9. No way thats awesome what was your GPA? Also do you mind if I message you directly and ask about what kind of EC's you have? If you arent ok with it its fine I understand!
  10. Hey thanks for the advice! If you dont mind me asking what were your stats(Higher MCAT or Higher GPA)? and do you think I should write the MCAT again?
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