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  1. I didn't get any confirmation from Queens since January 2nd either...not just you. I got emails from both Mac and UofT
  2. Does anyone know how accepting an offer works? I want to go to Queens and haven't heard anything but got an offer to UofT. If I accept UofTs offfer does that remove me from the wait list at Queens? Or can I still wait out for an offer from Queens and then remove my acceptance to UofT?
  3. i haven't heard anything from queens or mac, only UofT - sounds like western was giving out rejection but havent heard about wait list offers from queens or mac
  4. nothing from queens, my top choice. wondering if they send out wait list offers? got an offer from UofT
  5. Right at midnight and got the email at the same time - for OT
  6. Has anyone gotten a waitlist offer from Queens? I got an offer from Uof T but was hoping for Queens as I currently live there.
  7. OT - I got an offer from UofT at midnight and offer in ORPAS but noting from Queens and Mac. Has anyone gotten a waitlist offer from Queens?
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