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  1. I am also interested in knowing the process!
  2. Hi, Did anyone here apply through ORPAS before and taken courses at the Ryerson University Chang School of Continuing Education? Were these courses included in your orpas GPA calculation? I am wondering because on the orpas website it states continuing education programs are not accepted and when I called ORPAS they said they don't know for sure until I've already completed the course and submitted my transcript.
  3. Has anyone accepted their offer to Queens for OT and received more information on the program? In the offer letter it states once we accept they will forward details on the program coursework and clinical fieldwork. I haven't made the decision to accept yet but I wanted to have some more information before I make my decision. If anyone received a follow up email after accepting their offer could you kindly share any details.
  4. Is it reasonable to expect one of the full time positions in a hospital setting after working for a while after graduation? Say if you work for two years in contract positions and gain some experience as well. Also what about volunteering while in OT school to gain experience so that upon graduation there's at least something on the resume. Would that count as experience? Can you clarify what you mean by non clinical roles?
  5. Hi everyone, I just wanted an honest answer on the job prospects for OT if anyone knows. And if there is anyone who has recently been hired after graduation? I have been hearing that the job prospects aren't too great. I spoke to an OT last year who told me it'll be alot of contract temporary work at first, and another who told me she worked in retail for a year after graduation. I was also told that they don't work much in hospitals anymore the way they used to (which would be my ideal setting) and most are employed by insurance companies for motor vehicle accidents which is where all the jobs are. Of course money isn't everything, but I do want to ensure that all the money I would be putting into tuition will be worth it and ill be able to secure a job. It would be great to work as a pediatric OT or in a hospital setting, these two would be the ideal for me. However, I know I can't be too picky. I just want an honest answer from someone who has had the experience and can tell me about the job prospects/ if it is true that majority of the jobs are in MV accidents. I also don't see as many OT services as I do PT...
  6. I am wondering if it's possible/reasonable to only have a lease for an apartment for a semester, and then if we were to get placed far find accommodation there so we aren't paying double rent (Although it would probably be annoying to keep finding a new place everytime). Has anyone done this?
  7. I actually messaged a Queen's student who told me that people who got further placements lived there for the duration of their placement and sometimes end up paying double rent :/ But some also make connections with their classmates who have family living in certain areas and are able to help out with accommodation.
  8. B2019 I'm also in the same boat as you and without a car. I live in the Durham region so if I get placed anywhere in Toronto or the GTA I am thinking of living at home for the 8 weeks and travelling to placement from my home. But if I get placed way out of Kingston and not near the GTA Im unsure what I'd do. Also interested in knowing where people plan on living. It's my first time away from home and I am not too familiar with apartment searching. I would like to find a place that isn't too expensive because tuition is already enough!
  9. I remember calling them last year to inquire if course loads we're an issue and the person on the phone did say that they won't discriminate you based on course load but it is kind of a "red flag" and you need to show that you can keep up. Found this in their FAQ: No you do not need a full-time course load from your undergraduate studies to be considered for this program. We understand applicants take diverse pathways to graduation during their undergraduate degree program. This often includes co-op work terms, research courses, volunteer activities and elective courses during summer. It is not our intention to limit the educational and professional opportunities you are offered while completing your bachelor’s degree. However, the MScOT program is offered on a full-time in-class basis only. The program is intensive. Your application should show your ability to keep up with a full-time workload, either academic or professionally (or a combination thereof). Also about the emphasis on GPA: Admission to the program is determined through an evaluation of academic and non-academic materials (e.g. personal statement submission, resume, referee assessments on the Confidential Assessment Forms) with the academic requirements (e.g. transcripts) being weighted more heavily Unfortunately they don't give feedback on the applications so we won't know. But I think it's a bit unfair if course loads are a factor. I had reasons for taking longer to complete my undergrad and there wasn't a place I could explain this on my application. Besides the personal essay but there isn't a lot of room to go into detail on those essays, I tried my best to show I was involved professionally. In addition, I didn't even know course loads could be an issue until fourth year...
  10. For those that were accepted to U of T for OT did you take full course loads (i.e. 5 classes per sem) throughout undergrad? I have a sub-gpa of 3.93 and cumulative of 3.92 as well as various volunteer/research experiences including two years in an OT clinic and I was rejected from U of T, not even wait listed . I am assuming it may be due to my reduced course loads (3-4 classes per sem) that may have made my application look weak, or maybe I didn't have as extensive volunteer experience as some others. But I thought U of T placed heavy emphasis on GPA... can anyone advise.
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