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  1. Hey yes I can confirm! I only ever took 3-4 courses per semester in undergrad (just one semester with 5 courses) and I was accepted to UofT, Queens, and McMaster's OT programs this year. However, I explained my reduced course load in my application for UofT. Queens and McMaster OT don't take into account an applicant's course load. Hope this helps, I remember being super worried about it.
  2. I am deciding between Queens, UofT and McMaster OT. I noticed that Mac's OT program only has 3 courses per term whereas the other schools have 6-7 courses a term. I am curious what these 3 courses consist of. I also wanted to know how problem based learning and self directed learning work
  3. It was in the email that linked to a separate document and they said it will be all online for first term
  4. Same boat as you both! Deciding between UofT, McMaster, and Queens. Let me know what factors you consider for pros and cons! I know that for UofT it's all going to be online for the first term. And then they also have the LEAP placements instead of normal placements so I'm thinking about that too
  5. Hey yes it was. I have offers for UofT, Queens and Mac on ORPAS. I have not yet received UofTs email for the campus assignment
  6. Hey I don't see the campus assignment there. Was it in the degree code or something?
  7. Thank you for those updating on Dal. Has anyone else OOP not heard yet from Dal?
  8. Im not 100% sure. Last year when I applied I got the emails a few mins past midnight
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