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  1. Did you have any ABS that stood out in your application?
  2. Thanks for your reply DrOtter. I saw that a lot of the people on this forum who got interviews were in the 3.9x range so felt unsure.
  3. Hi everyone, I currently have a wGPA of exactly 3.80 and was wondering what your advice is regarding whether I have a good chance of meeting the cut-off. I know it varies each year depending on the applicants, but Queen's is the only school I'll be applying for and I was wondering if I should just give up on med school or try one more time to apply.
  4. would this be a temporary position, or permanent? because i think many of us on premed101 still have full-time school starting sept
  5. I'm thinking of taking this route, but make sure to look through the admissions info carefully. For example, many medical schools need you to have 5 courses per term (30 credit hours) in order to be considered. For nursing, we usually have less than that due to clinical placements.
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