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  1. I don't think theres a form for basic life support training? I got lucky that mine didn't expire so I just uploaded the scanned certificate on minerva...I hope that's the correct way I also think school will be understanding of the fact that many people won't get the opportunity to fulfill this requirement soon due to the circumstances!
  2. hey guys anyone having difficulty accepting the offer? it says error on minerva .....
  3. TIME STAMP: Not too sure I was very busy but I opened at 14h30 Result: Admitted with condition Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): I thought I bombed ~50% of the stations & at times I didn’t answer questions appropriately in my opinion. However, I tried to not think about the previous station every time I moved on to the next one (I know it’s very hard)! Year: MSc year 1 IP/OOP/International: IP
  4. Seems like there’s no pattern, they’re sending out acceptances & refusals together!
  5. I tried calling today but seems like Faculty of med is already closed....has anyone tried emailing. Also, what do you think will happen with Med Ps and would that change anything for uni level streams?
  6. I’ve heard the same as well!
  7. I personally think it’s 88 spots for IP QC. I did the math on one of the above comments, i don’t know if it makes sense
  8. Do we know how many IP spots?
  9. I did too, probably will get reply by tomorrow!
  10. Someone wanna email? 152 is too good to be true
  11. I had the same question: total 156 spots in Montreal for 2020 so 152 going to uni students doesn’t make sense to me....50 premed + 11 OOP + 2 INTL + 5 MDCM/PHD = 68 spots not for IP uni which means 88 spots this year for IP?
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