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  1. TIME STAMP: opened Minerva at ~ 08h30 Result: Invite wGPA: 3.94 MCAT: Didn’t submit Year: First year masters IP/OOP/International: IP Letter of EC: No Casper sucked!!!! I found it very challenging!
  3. do rejections come out first?? SO NERVOUS ONLY 48 HOURS LEFT!!!!!
  4. Thank you for the insights!! Also, last year your CV was 7 thats SO IMPRESSIVE!! SO NERVOUS NOW!! its because my casper sucked this year
  5. Hi guys, I know this post maybe a bit early however, I am wondering if there are people out there who got refused post interview last year and want to start practicing early this year? I know we don't know for sure if we will get the interview but people have told me that usually if you have received an interview before, chances of getting it again are above average. I am kind of really nervous for this year and wanted to get on the practicing part earlier! DM me if interested!!!
  6. I know this may sound like a silly question but people who get refused post interviews, are the chances high of receiving an MMI again next year? Do you guys know anyone who if received an interview first year and don't receive it in the second one? Thanks
  7. Hi guys, It is that time of the year again and applications have opened. I am kind of nervous and discouraged about applying this year since it will be my third try at McGill. I am redoing my prerequisites with part time masters and part time work. I really don't know if this all will be worth it if I get rejected again. I wanted to know how you guys are feeling out there, is anyone in the same boat as me? Its so DAMN hard to be motivated after rejections Thanks!
  8. i am in the same boat for biochemistry pre requisite. However, on OMSAS what do I put for the pending course since I do not have a grade...if anyone knows please let me know (freaking out)
  9. I am in the same boat but for Biohemistry prerequisite....I have a bunch of classes that may fulfill biochemistry pre reqs criteria but I am retaking one class this fall. however, if I use this course it will be pending when I apply on OMSAS...I don't know if thats going to work
  10. Pre- interview rank: Academic: 21 CV: 300 Casper: 205 Overall Preinterview rank: 25 Post Interview was just terrible.... MMI: 188 (i was 150 last year) Science Prereqs: 221 (I had a 3.2 ) Overall post interview: 216 Felt pretty crap after I got the ranking....seems like this MMI is impossible to pass
  11. Hi I called today, They said ranking will come end June as they're doing pre meds right now! and I'm not sure about waitlisted people tbh since ive never been in that position!
  12. Hi, I am looking to do option 2 to increase my science gpa however, I just need BIO 201. Has anyone done BIO266 at Concordia as an indpeedant student? I have applied but I am not hearing back and am worried they might now allow me to take the class. Also, does anyone know for BIO 201, which class is equivalent at Queens? I am looking into that option as well. Thanks
  13. Hi, I am so sorry to hear that. I felt the agony while reading your post and am truly sorry that you feel this way. I am in the same boat as you. I have been rejected post interview twice however, I only applied to Mcgill medicine. I know the stingy feeling and the doubts we have that maybe medicine isn't for me if so many doors close on you. I have thought this through as well and I know have the potential to be a great doctor however, I noticed a similar pattern in my post interviews. People who I thought didn't have a chance to get in, actually got in and people who I thought were def in, didn't. I reflected on this more since this was a continuous pattern. I realized that the people who I thought were 100% in were the ones who had a very understanding, kind and genuine personality and these are the qualities that are def needed to be a doctor. however, it seems like the interview process likes people who are cut throat just go go type people, sometimes almost inconsiderate of others feelings and basing everything on facts. I am by no means saying these people who got in went in medicine for the wrong reasons, I'm sure they did but I find after reapplying several times, people do turn cold to this process. it is no longer about doing medicine for humanity but rather doing it for the sake of getting in because you've tried so many times and its a dream career. I actually lost a very close friend of mine in this process who I felt used me to get insiders of the interview process and lied on every occasion when I asked if you are applying to med. I would have helped her for the MMI process myself if I knew she was applying but she was using my constant two years failures to her success and got in! I myself am questioning if I have to become stone cold person especially because I am am empathetic person and by empathetic I mean, I literally feel others pain and am too selfless. I tend to put others before me on every occasion which makes me think isn't maybe they're looking for. in my opinion thats what a good doctor should do but maybe were supposed to be very factual, less emotionless people. You might have different thoughts on this however, just wanted to give my input; rationalize this daunty process and empathize with you. I hope you feel better, if its something you really want, just reapply again so you don't have regrets later in life that you didn't push all the way through. find your weaknesses by looking at the applicants who got in, see what they have which might be a trait you may not possess. For example, I know am not an assertive person, I tend to understand others points a lot and compromise which is something I need to work on. Finally, if it doesn't work out, then maybe it is what it is and just move on! but don't give up too fast, a consensus is to reapply 3-4 times before actually getting in!
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