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  1. Hi I called today, They said ranking will come end June as they're doing pre meds right now! and I'm not sure about waitlisted people tbh since ive never been in that position!
  2. Hi, I am looking to do option 2 to increase my science gpa however, I just need BIO 201. Has anyone done BIO266 at Concordia as an indpeedant student? I have applied but I am not hearing back and am worried they might now allow me to take the class. Also, does anyone know for BIO 201, which class is equivalent at Queens? I am looking into that option as well. Thanks
  3. Hi, I am so sorry to hear that. I felt the agony while reading your post and am truly sorry that you feel this way. I am in the same boat as you. I have been rejected post interview twice however, I only applied to Mcgill medicine. I know the stingy feeling and the doubts we have that maybe medicine isn't for me if so many doors close on you. I have thought this through as well and I know have the potential to be a great doctor however, I noticed a similar pattern in my post interviews. People who I thought didn't have a chance to get in, actually got in and people who I thought were def in, didn't. I reflected on this more since this was a continuous pattern. I realized that the people who I thought were 100% in were the ones who had a very understanding, kind and genuine personality and these are the qualities that are def needed to be a doctor. however, it seems like the interview process likes people who are cut throat just go go type people, sometimes almost inconsiderate of others feelings and basing everything on facts. I am by no means saying these people who got in went in medicine for the wrong reasons, I'm sure they did but I find after reapplying several times, people do turn cold to this process. it is no longer about doing medicine for humanity but rather doing it for the sake of getting in because you've tried so many times and its a dream career. I actually lost a very close friend of mine in this process who I felt used me to get insiders of the interview process and lied on every occasion when I asked if you are applying to med. I would have helped her for the MMI process myself if I knew she was applying but she was using my constant two years failures to her success and got in! I myself am questioning if I have to become stone cold person especially because I am am empathetic person and by empathetic I mean, I literally feel others pain and am too selfless. I tend to put others before me on every occasion which makes me think isn't maybe they're looking for. in my opinion thats what a good doctor should do but maybe were supposed to be very factual, less emotionless people. You might have different thoughts on this however, just wanted to give my input; rationalize this daunty process and empathize with you. I hope you feel better, if its something you really want, just reapply again so you don't have regrets later in life that you didn't push all the way through. find your weaknesses by looking at the applicants who got in, see what they have which might be a trait you may not possess. For example, I know am not an assertive person, I tend to understand others points a lot and compromise which is something I need to work on. Finally, if it doesn't work out, then maybe it is what it is and just move on! but don't give up too fast, a consensus is to reapply 3-4 times before actually getting in!
  4. I was reading over their criteria, I have studied full time undergrad in a professional field (5 courses per semester minimum) however, in the last semester we had only 4 courses in the curriculum. And in last year each semester we had one class that was pass/ fail. Does that mean I can’t apply since I don’t meet the 5 courses criteria? Thanks!
  5. Thank you!! that helps decrease my nerves, i thought Ottawa would have a quota for OOP like McGill and other Quebec schools do
  6. congrats!! I am wondering how did you prepare more for this year round and what do you mean by using wrong approach. I got refused and I want to get better for next year!! Thank you
  7. oh wow I think were in the same boat! are you doing option 2 at mcgill? I am doing CHEM 212 and BIO 200 at Mcgill but since BIO 201 is in winter I applied to Concordia as an independent student to take BIO 266 which is equivalent to BIO 201 at Mcgill. I don't know if I probably ranked as high as you in the MMI cause thats a pretty solid rank you have for this year! What did you do differently compared to other years you applied because clearly you got so much better!! Also, I heard you can redo TFI as many times until march! maybe I heard wrong info? but a friend was telling me that someone did TFI 4 times and finally got in! but I'm super nervous about doing TFI considering my basic French skills and then the interview is in French too.... BRR Thank you for all your info
  8. Hi all, I know level 1 French early level 2 however I would like to write TFI to increase chances of getting in med school. Is anyone out here in the same boat as me... is it possible to actually pass the TFI if I'm not as fluent. I would like to prep for it, any suggestions on how to? did you guys take classes, use the prep guide etc...Also, if I fail, can I redo it? and how many tries do I get? Also, if my French is functional, is it possible to get through the MEM process? ill definitely try passing TFI and learning French further however, I want to know how realistic this option is. I know MEM is worth 50% and other parts are casper and GPA post interview which could possibly boost me up but I'm really unsure. Thanks for any help provided
  9. Hi all, I have applied to McGill twice and have been rejected twice post interview hence, need to widen my horizons and apply to other schools. I am wondering my chances of getting an interview and actually getting in post interview as an OOP for UofOttawa med. Does anyone have stats on this regarding how many spots there are for OOP? I have done CEGEP health science so I believe I meet the pre requisite criteria (above 70%) Undergrad GPA: 3.94 Grad (part time) GPA: 4.0 Also how is the interview process, I have just been practicing for MMI so I don't know much on panel interviews. and if anyone has done both McGill and UofOttawa interviews, could you please share how did you feel about the two? Thanks!
  10. I'm sorry to hear that, are you going to try again next year? Also, did you apply to McGill this year as well? Also, how did you study for the TFI? Classes or just the prep guide provided online? and is there an essay portion to write as well, like a writing part or is it all MCQs? I have heard the listening part questions you just have a minute per each question to write the answers, which sounds brutal. And sorry I'm not really familiar with the French schools since I never applied, what is imo? and how many stations does UdeM have? I have heard they don't have as many acting scenarios and more 1-1 with the interviewer like answer them what would you do in this hypothetical situation. I was looking at how much MEM counts for and its 50% post interview and the rest is basically just grades whereas, McGill is 80% which makes me think that maybe UdeM might be a bit easier to get in comparatively. Im not sure though...
  11. Yeah I am doing my pre reqs this year to increase my chances. I am really waiting out for the rankings this year to see if it was the actual reqs that brought me down. I know the consensus seem to be reapply 3-4 times before actually getting in but it is so discouraging For your last year ranking, did the science reqs bring you up or down, if you don't mind me asking just so I can get an idea regarding how much the science reqs GPA makes a difference. I know someone who was #1 on the prerequisites but her ranking only went up post interview by 5! Also, for UdeM is it okay if my French is not like fluent, obviously I would learn it more to become functional in it since I have to write TFI as well however, do you know people who applied with just functional French and were able to do the interview? Because McGill seems to be so far away in terms of actually getting in :/ For the math stations at McGill, did you practice it? Those are the stations I lack in a lot and am wondering how to improve that.. any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
  12. Hi, I have applied to McGill medicine twice and got refused twice post MMI. First year my ranking was 150 but my pre req science of 3.1 brought me to 196. This year's ranking is not out so i cant tell how i actually did. But i am wondering for people who reapplied and got in what did you guys do differently the year you got in? I feel like I was myself this year compared to the last and I cant tell where i actually went wrong during interview. What are they exactly looking for? i know i struggle with organizing thoughts but in the moment its so hard to do that esp within the 7 minute time frame. Also, to increase my chances i am thinking of applying to UdeM med however, would have to write TFI since i went to english high school. i have heard it is an extremely tough exam and even the french speaking people fail it... if anyone can give me feedback regarding how the TFI is personally and the MEM compared to McGill that would be great!! Thank you
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