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  1. For sure! The experience and opportunities are definitely what you make of it, I think the big and shiny thing more refers to wanting to be in a big city after having spent the majority of my life growing up in Alberta Thank you for this in-depth post! Most of the people I've asked have only been able to speak to U of T so this really helps. Saving money is a HUGE factor that's making me conflicted about this decision, but I feel like I do need to base it on more than just money. Most of the other Edmonton-related things I think I subconsciously already considered due to growing up there, which is perhaps why Toronto is so appealing in terms of things to do/social life For school-related things, I do like the small class size and easy access to the hospitals. On the other hand, having talked to a student at U of T, I guess having the multiple academies helps create a family atmosphere with a small group of people. And for matching, I did look at the match numbers and U of A's percentage of unmatched grads seemed lower. However, I do know that it's really hard to tell anything consistent from match numbers. Would you have any insight on how the med school culture is at U of A, any thoughts about the teaching style, or how supportive the administration is? Thank you! Yeah, I'm not really sure where I want to end up long-term but I definitely don't see myself living in Alberta long-term. Congrats on your acceptances! Good luck in the fall
  2. I don't really know what I want to match into long-term yet, but I do know that I don't want to settle down in Alberta. I do have a special place in my heart for the east coast because that's where I moved when I left home, so it probably is where I do want to settle down. I didn't really think so far down the line, and that's a really good point! Thank you!
  3. I've been fortunate enough to be accepted into two programs - U of A and U of T. I'm from Alberta, so going to U of A would mean moving back home (I moved out and away from Alberta 5 years ago). I've read a lot of advice on the benefits of staying near family and friends, but most of my support comes from my friends and none of them are in Alberta. I definitely am attracted to Toronto because of the city and because a lot of my friends are on the east coast, but the factor that worries me the most is cost. U of T would cost me more than double what U of A costs, even if I rent my own apartment and don't move back into my parent's house. Basically, I'm wondering whether it's silly of me to pick U of T based on my impressions of it as a "big, shiny, and new" city/school where I can start fresh as opposed to going to U of A, which is a perfectly good school and city, and taking on way less debt. Any insight would be wonderful! Thank you!!
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