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  1. Wow that is great info, thanks! I am a B.C. resident who won’t likely be heading out to London until mid-late August, do you recommend securing a place before then or waiting to view apartments until I arrive?
  2. Applied: UBC, UofA, UofT, Western, Queens, Mac Accepted: Western, Queens Waitlisted: n/a Rejected: UBC, UofA, UofT, Mac cgpa: 3.42 sgpa: 3.60 lol I think the rest of my application is what helped my get in. I had two years/~900 hrs of work experience as a kinesiologist directly working with occupational therapists, and currently work (1 year) for Amazon as a injury prevention specialist. My volunteer work consisted of 200 hours in cardiac rehab in a hospital and a mentor for my University's Kinesiology program. I also had great references, one from a coworker who was an OT who I worked directly with, and a prof/research advisor. I also studied a lot (mostly practicing my typing skills) for the Casper test because I didn’t know what to expect - I thought it went ok but if I was rejected from 2/3 schools who took the Casper test who knows lol Honestly I was incredibly surprised to get in. This was my second time applying to OT but I had been improving my application since 2016, so this was going to be the last shot before I gave up my dream. Pleasantly surprised with the outcome . I am a BC resident who did their undergrad at UBC so I know little of Queens/Western and am torn between which one to choose. Guess I’ll have to figure it out soon! Best of luck to everyone!
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